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    Did your Wal-Mart do this...

    When I got ahold of the unopened boxes and opened them. I got out what I could before anyone came and when I got to the checkout and they scanned the UPC, the register said, "Sale Not Allowed" My Wal-Mart has a freeze on all AOTC products til April 23rd. You just can not buy them or anything else Episode 2, but the guy was kinda well, dumb and I said those were in toys and they are the same price as the last series, POTJ, so I then went back and got a POTJ figure and he used it and scanned it 7 times for my 7 AOTC figures and I walked out with them. "For the record, I was kind of nervous"

    And on one more note. The AOTC preview figures are now only $5.88. They are no longer $6.44.
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    That didn't happen to me but it has been a couple of days since I have found anything.
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    I scanned the 3 I got at one of those self scanners, it rang up at $5.88, and rang up at $5.88 at Check out also.

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    And I did find out that there were warnings being sent to "random" Wal-Marts about selling E2 products early. My store was one of them and thats why they have the UPC locked until April 23.
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    When I got mine, they rang up fine. That was last week sometime thought I believe, and haven't seen any AOTC figures on shelves since.

    I'd imagine that a lot of Wal-mart employees don't really care one way or the other. Same with managers. They might be warned from the head office or something, but when it comes down to the 16 year old at the cash register, do you think they really care?
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    That right there solves a mystery. Wal-Mart employees aren't dumb, they just totally lack the ability to give a damn! Imagine that!
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    They don't GIVE a damn?

    Who would have thought! Look at how nicely organised Wal*Marts are! They're always so nice and tidy!
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    There has been a "Sales not allowed" on all AOTC figs. This is a company wide program that was sent down from our Home Office. It is the result of the stores that had put out the AOTC figs. It locks all of the figs until midnight on 4/23. The problem with the stores selling this stuff is that after they are warned, and if they do it again, Lucas Liciecning(sp) can refuse to sent ANY produce to that store. This I found out directly from my Store Manager when I asked and he let me see the e-mail that was sent regarding this. I for one do not wish my store to be banned from SW items so all our stuff is locked up.
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    Thanks for the post
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    My brother bought five Ep2 figures from Wal-Mart last night and the same thing happened to him. The register came up with "sale not allowed;" but the cashier called back to Toys, got the price and punched it in manually.

    I've heard that any Wal-Mart who sells the toys before 4/23 can be fined up to $10,000 per individual toy!

    So that means that my brother just cost our local Super Wal-Mart $50,000 in fines!

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