at 1st i thought it was only me, but after about a week of very little posting here in the micro machines section from anyone, it's become painfully clear that any discussions revolving around mm's or any of the other former galoob lines is getting harder and harder.

hasbro seems to think that by giving the line a rest, renewed interest will spring forth like hope upon their return, unfortunately, we've been forced to wait more than a full set of seasons turn on the clock, and now the very core of mm's die hard aficionados are starting our slow spiral into not really caring any more.

while all other lines get sneak previews, and confirmed product sightings of new and exciting vehicles, we here at the bottom of the food change only have re-treaded action fleet vehicles to look forward to

i ain't giving up my love for the micro machines line, even if not a single toy is ever made again, i will always enjoy, and cherish my collection of wonderful galoob made toys.

i just don't understand hasbro's insistance on not making micro machines anymore. they are inexpensive fun toys, that kids and collectors can amass tons of without spending too much moolah.

i have to believe that hasbro is not ignorant of the fact that after market prices for most of the lines are astronomical, and that interest in the line remains high due to this demand along with the dwindling supply.

me? all i want to do is get excited about new toys, and once again enjoy the days of the hunt, in searching these jewels down, and experiencing once again the excitiment of opening up a brand new micro machines toy.

spending hours playing and examining them.

enjoying the moment of discovery of some fantastic small minute detail which shouldn't have been included on a toy this small, yet there it is. :happy:

wishful thinking