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    DAREDEVIL is going to suck...

    I found this ***SPOILER FILLED*** review of the screenplay. Not a pretty sight.

    When we first see Daredevil his bloodied and battered body falls through a church skylight onto the floor. A priest comes to his aid and pulls off his mask to reveal not only his face, but also his eyes. Daredevil is close to death and even though he is blind, his life is flashing before his eyes. We, of course, get to "see" it with him....

    Just a couple of thoughts regarding the Daredevil script:

    1. The first scene showing Daredevil fighting the bad guys starts off great but ends up rather disturbing. After losing a court case against two rapists, Quesada and Smith (where was Palmiotti?) lawyer Matt Murdock takes to the streets looking for another form of justice. Vigilante justice. He traces the two men to Josies bar where he ends up tearing through scores of bad guys and bullets using "a hybrid fighting style of martial arts mixed with street fighting". After smashing faces, breaking bones, running on walls he chases his intended targets/victims (?) out of the bar and into the night where he ends up KILLING both of them. One by hanging and the other by letting him get run over by a subway train! Now as far as I remember, Matt Murdock was always interested in REAL justice. He used the Daredevil guise to bring the bad guys to justice, not seek revenge by killing those he couldn't prove guilty in a court of law. They've got him acting more like The Punisher than the Daredevil I remember. This is too bad, because Daredevil is supposed to be a HERO. Not a KILLER.

    2. Everything seems to be rushed. I understand the fact that they are dealing with a limited amount of time when trying to present a story in movie format, but adjust your story line accordingly! The Elektra Saga was one of the coolest most compelling storylines in the Daredevil series. Here we are going to see a condensed version of what "kind of" went on with Elektra and Daredevil. And in the process we lose a lot of the drama that made the storyline work. Elektra was supposed to be the love of Matt's life. Here we are barely introduced to her before she is killed by Bullseye. If they would concentrate on making a good movie I'm sure they would be able to make a sequel or two where they could develop the relationship Matt and Elektra had. It seems to me that they just want to put everything into this one movie and go out with a bang, never to make another movie about the Man Without Fear. I mean, come on! The next thing you're going to tell me is they are going to make a Batman movie where the Joker is going to not only BECOME the Joker, but end up getting KILLED at the end of the very same move! I mean how ridiculous would that be? Oh, wait a minute... um...

    3. Of course in the end he gets the Kingpin. But to have the final showdown between Fisk and Murdock not even fill two pages... What kind of Kingpin are we dealing with here? Although I have heard that Michael Clark Duncan has been cast as Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. I think this is a brilliant move! Despite what all the naysayers... say, I say this is a good thing. The Kingpin needs to be big. He needs to be powerful. He needs to be menacing. But does he necessarily need to be white? No way! Michael Duncan is just the guy to pull it off. This guy is HUGE! He will fill Fisk's shoes perfectly.

    4. Some of the descriptions of how Daredevil sees the world are very interesting. I'm only hoping they will pull this off. The special effects technology is there to make the world through Daredevils "eyes" extremely cool. I only hope they put the effort into really highlighting these scenes. After all this is one of the coolest things about Daredevil, the fact that he has this super sensory radar. It's a big part of what makes him who he is, the baddest, blindest, crime fightin'EST good guy ever to come out of Hell's Kitchen...

    Here's to expecting the worst, but hoping for the best...

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    Sounds interesting. . . but not a good interesting. The idea of Ben Affleck as DD still frightens me.

    I do agree that MCD would make a great, if nontraditional, Kingpin. But two pages? Yeesh!
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    Yeah, this sounds pretty terrible. The only interesting part was the rapists being Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada.

    Jimmy Palmiotti has left Marvel since Quesada took over the reigns, he now works for DC and some indy stuff if I'm not mistaken.
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    My own opinion is that, like every other story that is retold by a different person, this is just another version of the the story. I wouldn't want it to be exactly like the comics. That would be boring to me.

    I like the idea of DD killing the bad guys. Cool twist. Daredevil is still a hero to me even if...and maybe even BECAUSE he kills them.

    And even though I was heartbroken when Elektra died...the first time I ever felt that comic publishers were stealing money from me was when they brought her back to life.

    This is actually the first I have heard of DD being made into a movie, but I am stoked even with the differences from the comic stories. Sounds like a great movie in the making to me.
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    Dark Horizons had a short interview with Kevin Smith. Apparently he's playing a coroner who takes a payoff from Ben Urich (Joe pantoliano) to let him in the morgue and NOT a rapist. He said Matt should be good if he can leave his "ham fisted theatrics in his trailer..."

    Tee hee.P.S. You may move this to the Moviether section

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    Here's a link to a few pics of Smith and Pantoliano on the set. It also has an interview, Smith makes the comments Rollo said about Affleck leaving his theatrics in his trailer.

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    I don't see Joey Pants as a good Ben Urich. Pants always seems to be more apt at playing "wormy" sneaky type of characters. Urich in the comics was always just this calm steady reporter.

    Why does Joey Pants always wear that ridiculous looking hat? Every time I see that guy lately he's wearing that hat.
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    Originally posted by Wolfwood319
    Why does Joey Pants always wear that ridiculous looking hat? Every time I see that guy lately he's wearing that hat.
    True, but it's better than the hairpiece he has to wear on The Sopranos.

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    And I thought I was the only guy to call him Joey "Pants" because I'm too lazy to type out (or say) his full name.

    Yesiree, Joey Pants and Johnny "Legs" (Leguizamo)...

    My friend what works at Warner Bros said they were shooting Daredevil on the WB lot and he saw Benny in costume. I told him to snap some digital pics and slap them on the 'net, but he said he didn't want to lose his job. GONK!in' Pu**y.
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    Well i loved X-men and I am sure that Spidey will be great, but it looks like this is going to give comic movies A bad name once again and be A total crap fest!
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