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    Exclamation So I guess then Boba will yank Jango head out of the helmet to take it... ?

    If the rumours are true, that Jango's head will roll after his duel with mace... And Boba takes the helmet before he leaves the battle... Doe's mean his actaully yanks the head out of the helmet... ??? Is'nt that a bit too raw... ??? For young Boba to do... ???

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    Well he can't very well wear the damn thing with a head inside it.

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    Yeah but it's his father's head, and while theres all the shooting and blasting around, he'll quickly despose of the head and then WEARS the helmet... Jeesss that is cold... hmm still it will reflect his cold and silent personality...

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    You might want to be careful, you shouldn't put the actual spoiler in the title of thread. Something more along the lines of "I have a question about Boba" or something like that. You've got to be careful about spoilers around here.

    As for the question itself, who's to say that the head stays in the helmet when it gets the chop. The head might fly out or something.
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    Oh well, then why doe's the forum heading have "SPOILERS" in brackets... And then theres another forum for AOTC without spoilers in brackets...

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    Originally posted by Darth Ovori
    Oh well, then why doe's the forum heading have "SPOILERS" in brackets... And then theres another forum for AOTC without spoilers in brackets...
    Unless this topic was moved from another forum into this one, you do not have to worry about spoilers being present in the subject line. This is the Episode 2 (Spoilers) forum.
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    Nope it was not moved, I only post here cause I know Spoilers are present...

    But know going back to the subject, I thought Jango's jetpack was damaged during the battle, but somehow Boba gets it to work to flee from the Arena...

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    Jango shoots his pack in an attempt to destroy Mace who is standing next to the thing (he dislodged it from it's owner in the first place) on the other side of the Reek monster, but Mace leaps out of the way.

    The backpack Boba wears is the one that Jango wore in the Kamino rain battle......or one just like it. I think that one gets knocked off of Jango during the rain fight, but not destroyed.

    I don't think we will see what actually becomes of the head. I think the scenes will go as follows:

    Mace moves in close to Jango and slashed down.
    Helmet shown bouncing and rolling on the arena floor.
    Later......Boba holding helmet then puts it on before jetting out of the arena.

    The head may fall out of the helmet before the helmet is shown bouncing around on the ground, or it could be taken out by Boba. One way or the other, I don't think that issue will be addressed, and I don't think we are really "supposed" to think about it very much .
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    Perhaps Boba will disitegrate Jango's head from the helmet. Eh? Yeah...could happen.
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    There won't be a scene with Boba taking out Jango's head. It just won't happen in a kid's movie.


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