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Thread: Y-wings

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    What happened to Hasbro releasing more Y-wings? Did the cancel that plan?

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    I don't know. But if they do, while they are at it, they can release more Skiffs, too. I never got either thanks to those imbeciles at Target never ordering any. That's right Target, I'm talking to you and your so-called "Exclusive" vehicles. So exclusive even YOU didn't get any. Somehow, the online scalp..I mean retailers managed to swim in the darn things. That's not very exclusive if you ask me.

    So, in summation, Target and Hasbro. More Skiffs. More Y-Wings. Thank you.

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    I agree!More Y-Wings and Skiffs.My Target didnt even know they
    were supposed to be getting these things,hence,why I never found one!

    A re-release of these items would be good,maybe towards Christmas when the hype for AOTC dies down.
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    They should change the term EXCLUSIVE to ELUSIVE. Seems way more appropriate dont you think???

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    Exclusive = Elusive

    Yeah... it seems that is the case... Take two letters out of "Exclusive" and you get "Elusive". Hey... I'll give THEM two letters to replace the "X" and the "C"...

    How about "F" and "U"

    let's see if this stays on here...
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    Well, the F and U are still there!!! That was great.

    Target just doesn't get it. They ordered too many Han and Carbonites, Luke's and Speederbikes, and not enough y-wings, and definitely not enough skiffs! They really need to get their acts together.

    Anyway, I they were supposed to rerelease them, I guess noone has heard anything new?

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    There was a rumor that they were to be rereleased but I think it got scraped.

    I have to agree with this line of thinking on the whole "exclusive" idea. I remember reading reports about some Targets getting lots of Y-Wings while some stores received maybe one case. Then you add in the online retailers. Doesn't that diminish the amount of product that Target can offer? I understand the reason for selling them to the online retailers, if that is in fact how they received them. Many countries along with Hawaii & Alaska(I think) do not have Targets. The online retailers are their chance. All be it a rather expensive chance.

    Kenner had no problem with rereleasing toys through out the years of the vintage line. Why can't they rerelease all the vehicles? Then again why not start rereleasing the hard to find figures or the figures that are not going to be remade???
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    I agree.
    Personally for myself I'd like to see a new X-wing, A-wing and

    and an F-wing and U-wing for JEDIpartnr
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    They definitely need to release more Y-wings, Skiffs, Biker Scouts w/ Speeders and Tarpals w/ Kaadu, only exclusives I ever saw at my TARGET were two Tarpals w/ Kaadu, and that's ALL.
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    I would gladly pick up 12" figures like Speederbikes and Scout Troopers if they were gonna net me Y-Wings and Skiffs in trade. But if I don't find anyone to trade with, then I'm stuck with 12" dollies I don't want.


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