Hi all.
I was just wondering how the UK contingent are getting on with the hunt for preview figures, and if anyone has any recommendations to make about shops over here. (Sorry if you don't think this post deserved it's own thread).

I guess like a lot of the UK folk here I've ordered some figures from thetoyshop.com today. I ordered Zam, R3 and Jango (going without the Clone Trooper till i have more money). As of this evening their site says they still have some in stock (6 each plus about 3 postage for the entire order). I read on rebelscum.com that thetoyshop.com is only getting about 140 of each figure due to Habro's reductions in order sizes. Seems like awfully few.

I generally pick up most of my figures on Ebay.co.uk but i'd rather buy from a realworld shop if the prices aren't too high. Here are some comments on the shops near to me:

"Another World"
This seems to be the best source for Star Wars in Derby, they stock POTJ and recently got the FX-7 wave in. The figures generally range from 7 to 10 each. Their stock doesn't seem to come in very often and about a month before the FX-7 wave came in I was told by one of the workers that they wouldn't be getting anything else until the EP2 figures are out - I don't know if he was referring to the preview figures or not.

"Toys R US"
Lame. A few POTF are pegwarming (Lobot and Leia) along with the dregs of EP1 rubbish (Ultimate Hair Amidala?!). Recently got the Final Duel LEGO sets for 6 each.

"Co-op Department Store"
Only a few bits of Lego (Final Duel sets, Chewbacca and a walker etc) Similar prices to TRU.

"Forbidden Planet"
I haven't been in here for maybe 3 months. At the time they had an impressive POTJ selection including the sandtrooper which seems to have vanished completely now, even from ebay.co.uk and the Deluxe sets. Prices were similar to "Another World" above.

Oh dear. Despite being pretty big, this place only had 1 Anakin Mechanic and 2 Chocobi-Wans. If i remember rightly, the Obi-Wans were 9 each!

"Last Picture Show" - Meadowhall
Very little Star Wars here at all, aside from the odd book etc. Certainly no POTJ that I've seen.

"Forbidden Planet"
At the time that I last visited nottingham, Forbidden Planet had several POTJ figures, but nothing new. Picked up a Lando for about 8.

"The Entertainer"
Very little EP1 stuff, no POTJ whatsoever.

"Another World"
This branch of Another World seems to cater for collectors a lot less than the Derby branch. There were very few POTJ pegwarmers when I went. I don't remember what figures specifically.

If anyone has chance, I'd appreciate some information about other UK sci-fi shops.

Thanks a lot.