Anyone noticed how hard it can be to collect star wars figures? Especially if you are a 13 year old kid like me. I know that there aren't that many hardcore Star Wars fans that are 13. My collection of unopened figs is about at 100 now, I recently started not opening them. So my loose figure count is very high.
It annoys me so much how hasbro can distribute so many figures that are practially the same. For example there is normal Anakin, then there is Anakin with podracing gear, then there is Anakin with Naboo Starfighter gear, etc. And I know that no one is forcing me to buy these figures, but I get this feeling like my collection is incomplete without them, and then I buy them.
I have started to hold back on these figures more now, and I think that after I have gotten all of the figures from the POTJ series that I like, I am done collecting.
Well, let me rephrase that, I am done collecting figures from previous lines. I will be saving up to get all of the Episode II figures, but I am not holding back, I am buying a product the day or week it comes out. This way I can get a fresh new start!
And one other thing, does anybody agree with me that hasbro should come out with a classic trilogy line? I mean nothing HUGE, just a line of the basic figures from the original trilogy, re-sculpted, and better than ever. Any thoughts, and does anyone have suggestions on my new collecting strategy?