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    Angry Thanks to Jorg Sacul I'm done!

    I have been collecting StarWars toys for 25 years and now thanks to Jorge Sacul, I'm calling it quits! I work anywhere from 40 to 60 hours a week with little chance for much vacation. I am supporting myself and my fiance while she is in Med school. There is NO WAY I could make it to Celebration 2. Now I find out that the exclusive Jorge Sacul will never be available any where else (except Evil-Bay). Well that is a hard slap in the face by whoever is the "think tank" in charge of putting off fans. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this. I guess those of us who can't make it to Indy aren't good enough fans to own a truly unique figure. Maybe we have pay our way into Fandom by paying outrageously high prices on E-Bay. I imagine 70% of those figures will end up on the secondary market. So for those of you like me who are getting "shut out" of Jorge Sacul and can't afford secondary prices, let Hasbro, Lucasfilm, and the Fan Club know!

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    I share your frustration. An exclusive to a retailer is one thing, an exclusive (or exclusion to the rest of us) only available at one location for a 3 day period... that S-U-C-K-S!!!!

    It's an ebay w**dream come true!

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    I understand your frustration; but i've given up on having a complete collection. So this piece of crap rehash, doesn't interest me in the slightest. Besides, since when has being a fan been a quantitative thing? You must have all the items on this checklist or you're not a true fan? That's a load of crap. Once you give up the "completist" metality, you'll find that collecting can be fun again. Set yourself free.
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    I by no means have a completist mentality. I just really like the Jorg Sacul action figure and feel slighted by the the way this figure is being released. I buy what I like and move on. My whole problem with this figure is Hasbro, Fan Club or LFL (whoever is sponoring it) knows darn well there is a market for it outside of the 25,000 people who can be in X city on X date. I personally don't feel like less of a fan without it, I just feel whoever is sponoring it is treating me like less of a fan because I can't go to the celebration.

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    I'm a completist but I do have limits. I couldn't care less if I have the Sacul or Toy Fair Vader or not. IMO, the TF Vader wasn't worth the money and neither was Sacul, I'd grab them for the regular prices of them if I could but definitely not anymore than that, it's just a cheap way to make a buck.

    Only thing new on the TF Vader is the packaging and the vac-metal, the mold was re-used.

    Only thing new on the Sacul was the packaging (minus the design of the card), the head mold, and the paintjobs on the helmet and the X-wing. Even the blaster isn't new - it's Typho's.
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    I for one am glad that many people are getting out of the game, thanks to these "Ultra Rare" exclusives that some people want in mass quantities. These figures are supposed to be exclusives, that's what makes them special. If they were everywhere, no one would care.

    They wanted to make the Jorg Sacul figure a special exclusive to the fans that went to C2. That's what their intent was all along. People with that "completist" mentatlity obviously don't do this for fun anymore. They're just toys...
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    I agree with Kevfett. This whole EXCLUDIVES thing is sickening. I'm tired of trying to hunt down this crap. It's gotten so bad that if I see it I buy it otherwise I forget it. There's no way in hell I'm gonna get gouged on Ebay. I've been a fan for 25 years and have bought alot of the crap BUT I couldn't afford to go 1500 miles to Indiana although I wanted to. I feel a little left out of the excitement as it is and Lucasfilm and Hasbro just made it worse by releasing stuff I'll never be able to get. It sucks and they better wake up and realize how they segregate people.

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    All of this is quite understandable, as l was just on e-bay trying to bid on the Sacul fig. He started at 19.99 and by the time l could begin to place a bid it was up to 33.00. This in a matter of minutes and with only six bids. I think they should have set about a thousand on the side for fan club members; but if they have leftovers, hopefully they will.
    The other side of the coin is, what if celeb lll is in a city closer to those of us who couldn't make ll, and then WE get an exclusive? What are those feelings?
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    With the news of Hasbro losing so much money, it's no wonder considering the company's behaviour. Imagine if Ford released a new car and it was only available in Indianapolis for 3 days. Or Paramount came out with a new movie but would only show it 50 theaters in the entire country, on purpose. Or Nabisco decided to sell cookies only in selected speciality cookie shops despite huge demand.

    Hasbro doesn't understand the simple truth ... we are willing to part with our money for Star Wars merchandise pretty easily. Maybe too easy. Instead of putting everything online so the real target market, forum members or visitors of any Star Wars website, can use credit cards to instantly buy all what we want without having to scour store after store, Hasbro has made it difficult, and in the case of Jorg Sacul, extremely difficult for others to collect.

    Don't get started on that "kids are buying Star Wars." Ever since 1995, I have seen a total of 2 kids buy Star Wars. That encompasses over 10 states in 7 years! The target market is us, right here, right now. It defies explanation what motivates them to sell only Sacul at Indianapolis since if we make a very simple assumption that they make $5 profit per figure at $10 a piece, and say 50,000 people who couldn't go want him, that's $250,000 lost already.

    Anyone knows of Hasbro margins? How much does it cost per figure? Shipping? How much actual profit? I would interested to know.

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    Jorg didnt make me stop collecting.Jorg is just a Jek Porkins body with a GL head and a Mirco Machines X-Wing.Its just a toy..everyone breathe.It isnt like its the Imperial Shuttle.Now thats something to be mad about
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