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    TOP TEN A New Hope Redux

    Here are the current standings for most desired figures from Episode IV. Once a figure is slated for production (Example: BoShek) they get taken off the list...

    1. General Dodonna
    2. Uncle Owen Lars
    3. Dannik Jerico (hookah smoking bar patron)
    4. Tonnika Sisters
    5. Biggs Darklighter(Rand Ecliptic Uniform)
    6. Capt. Antilles (He who Vader choked on Leia's ship)
    7. CZ Droid (CZ-1, CZ-3, CZ-4...they're all the same.)
    8. Dr. Evazan
    9. Wioslea (Speeder Sales...uh..thing)
    10. Hem Dazon (Arconan, wedge headed alien in cantina)

    Nice even mix across the board. Suprising to see Dodonna top the list rather than a more "exciting" figure like Biggs or Antilles. R1-G4 nowhere to be seen, so again I am wondering where Hasbro gets their poll choice ideas. Here were other notable figures asked for:


    R1-G4 (everybody knows who this is NOW, so maybe he'll move up the list)
    R3 droids (R2's with clear domes)
    R4 droids (R2's with conical domes such as R4-E1 and R4-M9)
    R5-A2 (Yellow R5 droid from Mos Eisley)
    RA-7 droid (Silver Death Star Droid variant fron Sandcrawler)
    WED-9-M1 Bantha droid (big blue droid rolling around Mos Eisley)
    2X-3KPR ("porchlight" droid on Lars farm)
    LIN Mining droid (half- sphere droid from Sandcrawler)
    M-HYD ("stovepipe" droid from Sandcrawler)

    Cantina Aliens

    Dice Ibegon (Creepy leech thing "talking" to Ketwol)
    Djas Puhr (Shiny skinned, bald, black, lame Star Trek lookin' dude)
    Feltipern Travagg (Furry, two horned guy talking to Mi'yoom Onith)
    Mi'Yoom Onith (Ugly beak nosed thing talking to Feltipern)
    Elis Helrot (Givin...Ghostface from the "Scream" movies)
    Myo (one eyed...guy...I think)
    ... And Ponda Baba with sliced off arm action

    Core Figures

    Stormtrooper Han Solo (carded figure for the first time...)
    Damaged R2-D2 (After Vader shoots him in the trench...)
    Luke W/poncho (The definitive Tatooine Luke)

    And these other guys...

    Rebel Tech in gray jumpsuit.
    Rebel guards in green jumpsuits.
    Gavin Dries (Red leader)
    Camie and Fixer (from the Lost Anchorhead scene)
    General Tagge (Imperial Flunky)
    Chief Bast (Imperial Flunky)
    Davin Felth (Stormtrooper resculpt I guess...)

    And a Dianoga...

    So those are the figures you guys have been clamoring for. Maybe Hasbro will pay attention and crank a few of these puppies out!

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    My PERSONAL Top Ten...

    Having told you what YOU guys are the ones I want...

    1. Capt. Antilles
    2. LIN/LNK Demolition droid
    3. Hem Dazon
    4. Yellow R5-A2
    5. Han Solo Stormtrooper (trooper variant! Hooray!)
    6. Dodonna
    7. Biggs
    8. Camie
    9. Rebel Techs and Guards
    10. Tonnika Sister

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    You actually missed out the Yavin Guard with a looooooong pole. And yes, Captain Antilles will be great too.

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    You consider Djas Puhr to be lame? Well, uh, now that you mention it, yousa point well seen.
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    In no particular order:

    1. Colonel Wulf Yularen (I posted a picture of him in the POTJ what the heck! See attachment)
    2. General Tagge
    3. Tonnika Sisters
    4. Dr. Evazan
    5. CZ-3
    6. Han Stormtrooper
    7. CPT Antilles
    8. General Dodonna (in the jacket he wore while monitoring the attack on the Death Star, not that long overcoat he wore at the awards ceremony. See attachment)
    9. Bom Vimdim (Advozse)
    10. Hem Dazon (Arcona)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Thumbs up

    1. Hem Dazon
    2. Dannik Jeriko
    3. General Dodonna
    4. CZ-3
    5. Bom Vindom
    6. Capt. Antilles
    7. Trash Compactor Monster
    8. Elis Helrot
    9. Djas Puhr
    10. Dice Ibegon
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    Dr. Evazan
    Ponda Baba - w/rem hand
    Han - Stormtrooper
    Luke - Stormtrooper
    Obi-Wan - A better final Duel figure before he dies!

    All of the above are the figure I can think of at the moment that I'd like to see remade or made
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    What about a new Rebel Fleet Trooper that doesn't look like an old Masters of the Universe figure?

    Also a keen Dodonna, Captain Antillies, Tonnika Sisters, and all the aliens you guys mentioned would be great. And a Diagnoa with poseable tentacles would be cool to no end!

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    What about a new Rebel Fleet Trooper that doesn't look like an old Masters of the Universe figure?
    I take it you haven't seen the pictures of the upcoming POTJ Rebel Fleet Trooper. Take a look:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Thumbs up

    Here we go:

    -General Dodona
    -Death Star droid from Jawa sandcrawler
    -Power droid, (the one we see inside the Lars house)
    -Wulf yularen
    -Biggs w/removable helmet
    -Red leader
    -Capt. Antilles (is he the one Vader Chokes in the Tantive IV?)
    -Rebel ceremonila guard (the guy who's dressed in green with his lance and helmet)
    -Dr Evazan, (just a new sculpt)
    As always...........L


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