i am looking for a tusken raider on an Orange card with an open left hand. just to clarify, that is the figure's left. please email me at cohens4@umdnj.edu. if you have one to trade and dont see anything on my list, please contact me. i have other things i might be willing to part with. i am sure we can work something out.....

Captain Piett with "baton" sticker
FF Garindan
Ponda Baba .00 with Grey Beard
Sio Bibble
Jar Jar on Italian card (packaged without battle staff)
Anakin with white Bonus Pit Droid
Obi Wan with red Bonus Pit Droid
Darth Maul Jedi Duel with Bonus Battle Droid
Obi Wan with Bonus Battle Droid
Vintage Han carbonite (no carbon block though)

Tales of the Jedi:
Dark Lords of the Sith #1,2
Phantom Menace #1-5, (from QVC with special eidtions Obi wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker autographed by the author)
Crimson Empire II #1
Shadows of the Empire- Evolution #1-5
Tales from Mos Eisley
Jabba the Hut
--Gaar Suppoon Hit
--Hunger of Princess Nampi
--Dynasty Trap
Boba Fett- When the Fat Lady Sings
--Rebellion #1-4
--Season of Revolt #1-4
Protocol offensive (Co-written by Anthony Daniels)
Han Solo at Star's End #1-3
X-Wing Rogue Squadron
--Phantom Affair #1, 2, 4
--Family Ties #1-2
--Requiem for a Rogue #1-4
--Warrior Princess #1,2,4
--Masquerade #1,2
River of Chaos #1 & #3