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    Amok Time Thieves!

    OK, time to vent out some anger. We on Long Island hate AMOK TIME."WHY?" you ask? well, Paul sends his hordes of employees to stores when they first open and they buy everything before the rest of the collectors come in. We always complain but only the faster person beats his men. Also, he gets "hooked up" with some store employees so the toy never sees the light of day untel they go out the "back door".

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    Hmm... tried complaining to the managers, or even the people above the managars?
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    Thanks for the heads up on that. That ****es me off and puts prices up so now Im not buying anything form them online. Good call bud!!!

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    alot of us have tried. we even complained with what corrupt employees are doing it but they say without proof, there was nothing they can do. i can tell you a few stories how i beat the AMOK TIME workers down the aisles and the "hide and seek" games we would pull on them with stuff they wanted. I know AMOK TIME pays for ad spots here but alot of the collectors not on long island do not know how he gets alot of his toys and i felt people should know what underhanded tactics he uses.

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    That sucks. Well I for one would never order from them anyway. Their figures are way overpriced. So some of the online dealers are SCALPERS themselves. Oh well, I order from whoever has the lowest prices. Just order from Yestertoys. They have the best prices. The only thing that I would suggest to people would be not to order from them if you don't like the way they run their business. Any way you look at it, they are going to make their money somehow.
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    I like using KEB Co.'s One of Every Figure Club. I trust that the figures aren't being "stolen" from stores and the slightly higher price not only ensures that I'll get what I ask for, but also actually saves me money by not having to drive to 6 different stores 7 days a week.

    I've ordered from YesterToys before as well and got good service. Same with Entertainment Earth and Brian's Toys, though they price stuff higher than is really necessary.

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    i'm from long island and i know what he is talking about, i started calling the main offices of toy r us and wal-mart and complained. i complained so much that when i call they know me by my voice. but it don't seem to be doing us any good.


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