Tonight I went into a Wal-mart looking for Star Wars stuff and found the usual pegwarmers.
As I was leaving, an employee actually asked me if I was looking for anything specific.

I was shocked!

A Wal-mart employee actually showing concern about my shopping happiness?

So I figured what the hell and asked him when they were expecting new Star Wars stuff.

He smiled and replied thusly: "I'm not sure when but I know last time we got a bunch of stuff before the movie came out and I'm sure that's what happening again this time"

I bit my tongue. I thanked him politely for his help and left.

Oh, how I wanted to say to him, I know it's coming, I've known that for months, would you like me to tell you the date it would be in the stores? But I knew it would be pointless.

Maybe it's just me but I find it kinda funny when people not so informed about Star Wars try to tell me inside information.

I just love it when yesterday a woman at work said to me "Did you know there's a new Star Wars movie coming out this summer?", I replied "Really" in a slightly sarcastic tone and then proceded to point to my whiteboard over my desk which in the upper right hand corner says "56 remaining until Star Wars: Episode 2".

I appreciate that people are trying to share information that they think might interest me and I try to humour them most of the time, but sometimes it's hard for me to surpress my natural sarcasm.

"Oh there's a new Star Wars movie coming? I had no idea"

This may sound elitist of me but hey, what are you gonna do?

Anybody else feel this way?