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    Originally posted by Sean the Hutt
    Doors? we don't need no stinkin doors! Just kidding you want a rebel command center with doors no problem. There could be doors to the hanger bay playset. A door to the medical bay playset. a door to the bathroom, and oh yeah the obligatory GI Joe style one man brig. Is that enough doors?
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    Playsets I'd love to see:

    Cantina larger than the cardboard cutout piece of crap, with an entry foyer and booths galore so my figures can plot against each other in private.

    Hoth Command Center with light-up computer screens, a sick-bay with a slot for the Bacta Chamber, and a portion of the hanger large enough to hold one X-Wing, Y-Wing or Snowspeeder. (Asking for a hanger section big enough to hold a Millenium Falcon is like begging Hasbro NOT to make this playset.)

    Cloud City with the Dining Hall, Torture Chamber, Detention Cell and hallways connecting them all. Even better make it three levels with an elevator connecting them all. With the "roof" of the playset a landing pad for the Slave 1. I've got a schematic roughed out in my head for this one, I'll try to draw it out and post it here.
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    No this isn't the Cloud City Playset I mentioned earlier, it's something much cooler! This is actually a concept drawing of a playset Kenner planned to make around the 1985-86 timeframe. This was presumably presented to Lucasfilm, but I guess the line was on the verge of cancellation so it was never approved.

    How cool would this thing be if Hasbro decided to pick up were Kenner left off?
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    Thumbs up

    One thing is for sure...that would be one BIG son of a gun playset, its even bigger than the AT AT!!!

    Anyway, if they make it i'll buy it. Lets hope its around $40-$50 bucks.
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    That outpost is awesome!!! Bigb...I'd definitely pick one of those up. It's sure to cost more than $50 lobito...
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    I would assume the price would fall in the $200-$300 range, assuming it was made as a vintage quality playset. $75-$100 if it was made like the "fall apart after ten minutes" Ep1 playsets.
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    Look at all these cool ideas, Hasbro!

    How about a Lars Moisture Farm garage playset with a oil bath for 3PO and a "pop-up" hologram of Leia in the floor.

    And room for the unreleased lars Family Speeder in the corner...

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    I want an Endor Base playset! Three sets connect to each other to form it:

    - Endor Bunker w/Scout Trooper..
    - Landing Platform/AT-AT Docking Station w/Imperial Officer.
    - Death Star Shield Generator w/Imperial Stormtrooper.

    And this should be to scale! Sounds, lights and everything!

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    That Theed Hanger thing...........yeesh, what was I thinkin' when buying that? I guess it's alright because I just have stuff displayed on there (yet, I have pieces of tape placed on there to keep stuff together - that should never have to happen!). I was expecting a lot better though. It should be able to stay together without support.
    But I am all for better playsets. I have said many times that I own those cardboard sets: the cantina and Jabba's palace. Don't get me wrong, they're okay, and I like them, but I would definitely go for something better, something plastic that could hold up, and actually had something to them.
    I guess if they don't ever make any other playsets, I'll have to see about getting one of those Ultrarama displays - they look really cool, and you can put any scene behind the figures.
    So, c'mon, Hasbro. You're losin' some money right here.

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    Anyone else notice how the Jurassic Park line includes pretty huge playsets at reasonable prices? Yes, I'm sure the Star Wars license was more expensive than JP, but Hasbro has to break even, and start turning a profit on it at some point (haven't they already?). Soon as that happens they'll have no more excuse but to give us more playsets!


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