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    New playsets (and don't skimp on the doors!)

    I want new playsets in the Star Wars line, something WAY better than the junk from Ep 1, even better than the POTF2 ones, and I don't care if they're modular or one gigantic playset (ok, I care, modular would be cooler, but ANYTHING to get new playsets!). There's SO much to do in ths line, no more cardboard stuff, and there's one specific thing I really, REALLY want...

    MORE OPENING DOORS! They can open out, in, sliding sideways, sliding upwards, downwards, ANYTHING! Just get more opening doors! It's so pathetic when the best Star Wars playset Hasbro's ever done is a friggin' carrying case!
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    I would have to agree though space restrictions preclude me wanting any playsets. Don't do them on the cheap. And more importantly, don't include figures exclusive to the set. I am fortunate with the B-Wing and TIE Interceptor in that the figures included are little different than existing ones, so I was not forced to buy a vehicle I didn't want to get a figure I did want (as with the Royal Starship/red R2 unit). I was considering the Carbon Freeze Chamber when Hasbro saved my bacon by releasing a carded Bespin Guard that looked better than the Carbon Freeze version. I missed out on the Y-Wing Pilot, but care little as he is not all that great looking anyway.
    The only playset I would be willing to plop down money for if it included a figure pack-in would be a MosEisley Cantina set and only if it was done right. But if we are to have playsets, make them worth having, not just an excuse for a so-called playset.

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    First, I must say PLEASE include exclusive figures to the set. This does give us an oppurtunity to get some stuff we may not normally get.

    Playsets I want:

    Dagobah Playset - Yoda's hut, with swamp and all the works. The swamp creature could be included.

    Trash Compactor - fill it with trash, and of course the monster, with walls that can close.
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    Dagabah playset would rule, maybe with an extra-slimy R2. I really appreciated the Freezing Chamber Playset and I wonder why a 3 3/4" version was never made in the old line. I totally agree with you JT, on opening doors. Some new Death Star Playsets would be great. I'd want a blast door like the one on the old Micro Collection Death Star Playset that would close. I thought that was so cool. Pehaps some kind of small Ewok villiage playset, featuring the spit for roasting Han on and the Imperial Helmet drum set? I'd buy it.
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    If they do make playsets, I'll sacrifice price for quality. Whihc means I'll pay and extra $15, 20, 40 if the playset KICKS TUSH. If you're gonna put out a cantina playset for $25 and it looks like $25 then forget it. if you want to put out a super nice $75-$100 cantina set. I'll gripe about the price, sure, but I'll be thankful that the set rocks and isn't a crappy cardboard fold together thing....

    Here's an idea. Why doesn't hasbro or Lucasfilm, if they don't want to risk it, liscense out high end detailed playsets to a smaller company who can produce really nice diorama sets for die hard collectors? I'd be willing to pay a little more for quality...

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    Thumbs up

    Ok here we go:

    1.- Ewok Village
    2.- Dagobagh playset (yep, Yoda's home)
    3.- Death Star
    4.- Jedi Council Playset...this one would not have all that play value, but we could surely use it for all our jedi council members.
    5.- Jabbas Palace and Cantina done in plastic.
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    Sean the Hutt
    We need a rebel command center! With a light up holographic death star in the middle. A whole bunch of light up acrylic star charts, and some voice chip technology ala the simpsons playsets. Like " the death star will be in range in 10 seconds..." and some backgound chatter between the pilots durring the battle.

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    Yes we do, but how do you plan on incorporating doors into this?
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    The possibilities are endless. Being that the ewoks are sadly under used in our universe, an Ewok Catapult playset with Catapult and crew, large vine used to trip the AT-ST and snare the speeder bikes, trees with logs on vines to smash the AT-ST, large supported log for Ewoks to throw rocks off of, and lastly a vine attached to one of the trees for Chewie to make like Tarzan and swing to an AT-ST with the two Ewoks. Release it separately along with the AT-ST/speeder bike set and the ewok nuts(like myself) will have our Ewok fix!
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    Sean the Hutt
    Doors? we don't need no stinkin doors! Just kidding you want a rebel command center with doors no problem. There could be doors to the hanger bay playset. A door to the medical bay playset. a door to the bathroom, and oh yeah the obligatory GI Joe style one man brig. Is that enough doors?


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