Now here's a flight of fantasy for the ultimate playset (which means Hasbro would never go for it, considering their past playsets--even Geonosis Arena looks rather blah) This would probably be around $40 because of its complexity, but bear with me. I think this would be an amazing, interactive playset.

First, the playset: It should stretch from the elevator (with an opening door and chamber to put the figures in. Include the bridge and run up the stairs to the throne and window. Next, it should be about about two feet high. This will allow the throne platform to sit up off the deck and allow you to put Vader and Luke figures underneath (i.e. "So you have a twin sister" scene). Also, there would be room to let the reactor shaft reach down a couple inches so figures could be thrown down.

Now the figures...

Luke Skywalker (Emperor's Wrath): the figure should be semi-transparent like the Vader (EW) figure, but it should have a heavier blue tint b/c the Emperor really gave it to Luke full-force (pardon the pun). Also, the idea of seeing the skull underneath the head might work for Luke...just not as visible. Maybe just make the head slightly transparent where you can just see the skull. Snap-on lightning would be really good too (i.e. Battle Droid boomer damage). And it should definitely have a pained facial expression and writhing pose (maybe GI Joe-style articulation points).

Darth Vader: Reuse the old Vader (EW) but take a cue from AOTC Obi-Wan (Coruscant Chase) and put MAGNETS IN HIS RIGHT HAND AND STUMP!!!! (Of course, that means he'd permanently have the stump this time--maybe with colored lines for the wiring)

Emperor Palpatine: Give him better removable lightning bolts for his hands. Also include more snap-on lightning for when Vader grabs him. Put metal spots inside him so that he'll connect to Vader and allow you to raise him up over Vader's head.

By using these uniquely-designed figures and previous Emperor, Vader, and Luke figures, you can re-create not only the final scene, but every scene in the Emperor's throne room. You can even stick two Royal Guards near the elevator. And if they ever release Imperial Dignitaries, re-enact that scene. Maybe they can even include a set of handcuffs (although they might not fit all sculpts).

Like I said, I know this will probably never be made, but it still seems like a great idea. Thoughts??