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    Angry Nothern VA finds

    Ever get the feeling Nothern VA is the Bermuda Triangle of Star Wars collecting?

    I thought I'd resurrect this thread, even though I've not found anything since the Ketwol wave a month or so ago. I've hit three Targets regularly, and still no B-Wing (though one had the army builder case).

    Anyway - post your lack of finds here!
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    Fixer, which Targets have you hit? Have you tried the one near Potomac Mills? The last 4 times I've been there over the last two weeks there has always been at least one lying there. Yesterday evening there was 3. Sorry for not posting this earlier, but I figured everyone had given up on N. VA. Hope this helps.

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    Slim pickens in N. Va.

    I haven't found much either. Although I recently got the B-Wing thanks to Darth Millhouse. KUDOS to him!

    Went to Rhode Island for five days (returned yesterday) and found quite a few POTJ figures. Kaybee had the Dagobah Vader wave for $2.99 - CHECK YOUR LOCAL STORES! Jek Porkins wave (.0100), Aurra Sing (.0400) and the Ketwol wave were also in abundance.
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    12" Figs at TRU

    Hey Sloppy, glad to hear from ya. Stopped by the Potomac Mills TRU this afternoon and found all three of the new 12" figs. They had 2 of each and still do since I didn't get any. Not really into the 12". The figs do look nice, though. Fixer, if you haven't found one yet, I stopped by the P.M. Target this afternoon and they have 4 B-Wings. Still nothing on the Shmi wave, although I've seen a few reports of them being found in MD. Keeping an eye out for the Tie Interceptor, can't wait to get this one.

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    Found it!

    Hey jobare1 , thanks for the tip - I lucked out finally at the new Target in Fair Lakes. If anyone needs any Calamari Officers, Gungan Warriors or Coruscant Guards, or K3PO, they got a bunch. And still one B-wing left. As of Friday 8/31 that is.

    I'm just going to have to bite the bullet I guess and go down to Potomac Mills once in a while - I've missed the new 12" twice this week - only DS droids left both times.

    Good luck out there...
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    BOYS, I have some great news!

    The TIE INTERCEPTOR is in the his hills!!!

    The TRU off I-95 next to the Springfield Mall HAD three on the shelves!!! Another person and I bought one each. . .which means. . .ONE REMAINS as of 6 p.m., Saturday evening.

    RUN RUN RUN. They are here! $29.99 a pop. SKU on the bar code is 76930 32457. And how they got to Virginia so fast is beyond my comprehension?

    I wish this thing had the Electronic FX - it would then be one of the coolest vehicles ever released.

    Oh yeah. They also have all six of the palm talkers. I was expecting a little more from them. They look like cheap pieces of plastic - the Vader and Boba Fett were probably the best detailed. I did not get any of these. . .my gold-colored, windup/walking, Japanime Darth Maul is better than these thingies.

    GOOD LUCK!!! And, as always, happy collecting!!!
    The movie changed my life. It was much better than Cats. I'd go see it again and again and again.

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    Thumbs up Congrats

    Fixer, no problem on the help, anytime. Glad to see you found one. I was at that same Target around 7:30 yesterday evening and there was two on the shelf. Must have just missed you. Congrats also to Sloppy on finding the Tie. It figures, I took a trip up to the Springfield TRU today around noon and didn't see anything except for the army builder case. I guess timing is everything. At least I know they're finially showing up.

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    In the event that I do go to TRU again and they do have the TIE, would you like me to get you one?

    The chance of me going to TRU now is pretty slim considering that I am now completely caught up - however, I do have a little girl and she loves toys as much as I do. Soooooooooo, we go there more often than your Average Joe. . . . . . . . .well, you get the idea.
    The movie changed my life. It was much better than Cats. I'd go see it again and again and again.

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    Over in Runobot's thread

    Stevenmh reports this:

    The TRU in Lynchburg, VA got in a batch last night and had them on the shelf this morning (presumably Saturday).
    The movie changed my life. It was much better than Cats. I'd go see it again and again and again.

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    Tie Interceptor

    I would be forever in your debt. I'm gonna check the Potomac Mills and maybe the Fredericksburg TRU's tomorrow. But if you do come across one I'd greatly appreciate it. On a side note, I forgot to mention in my previous post that I stopped by the PM Target late last night and found the remains of the Shmi wave. Of course both Shmi and Obi Wan were nowhere to be found. Have you run across these yet or do you still need them? If not I'll be sure and pick up a couple extra for ya. Thanks again.


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