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Thread: UK exclusive?

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    UK exclusive?

    Can anybody help?

    Just bagged a SW MM set from 1995.

    I remember seeing them a few years ago in super markets.

    Unusually, it has a UK address printed on the rear, as opposed to the usual sticker that is placed over the US address.

    IS IT A UK EXCLUSIVE - and is it rare?


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    I've seen that set before and I believe it was a UK exclusive, at least only UK sellers had were selling them. If you can get another one of them I'd really like to get that set.


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    Hey Shinky

    If you can help me out with any of my missings AF's on my wish list, you can have this one.



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    Hmm, please send me your list again. I'm not home right now so I can't check it out. LMK.


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    Hi Shinky

    Still missing.....


    TIE Def
    Rogue 2 Snowspeeder
    Jabba's barge
    AT-AT & Imperial Shuttle Alphas

    Ep 1

    Royal Starship
    Mars Guos Pod
    Sith Inf
    Alphas - Royal Starship, Sith Inf & other(?)



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    Ok, I know I have the Alpha Shuttle and At-At. I'm also pretty sure I have a Mars Guos Podracer. I'll check when I get home and let you know for sure. I just realized it's just about 5:00 AM so maybe I should go home soon.


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    BTW, the other Episode 1 Alphas are the Naboo Fighter and Droid Fighter. I don't have an extra of either of them either. In fact the Alpha droid Fighter is now the last AF I need loose (excluding the Penny's At-At).


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    i'm not sure if that set was a uk exclusive or a european exclusive

    i do know that it was never released in the u.s..

    just like that star trek 7 piece set
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    Hey S43

    Already have MGuos pod (sorry) & the Naboo Alpha Fighter.

    But the Alpha AtAT & Shuttle sound OK (boxed, yes?)




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    Britcit: Good ,now I dn't have to check for a Mars Pod, I'll trade the Alpha At-At and Shuttle for it. They are both MIMB. I still have your address so I'll pack them up and ship them out ASAP. LMK if you need my address again.

    Thanks & Later,


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