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    I remember seeing most of the POTF figures on the pegs at $0.50 each at TRU, of course being into GI Joe at the time, I didn't buy any of them. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!
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    I, like Flembar, fondly recall purchasing an Imperial Shuttle for $15 at TRU. If only I still had it...

    Or the Desert Skiff I purchased for $10...
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    I remember seeing the POTF figs, as well as Droids and Ewoks for 2/$1 at Toy Liquidators, and TRU. As badly as I wanted them, I couldn't get them becuase I no longer "played" with my figures. My mother couldn't justify buying me figures that I was just going to open up and create little scenes with. DAMN. . .so who has a working time machine. . .I figure there were enough that we could all get one of each figure.
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    I wish it was still the days when you could get some of these fig's.

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    At that time in London, ON we had a couple of toy stores that were blowing out SW figs. One small store had them for 2 bucks each in a big square bin. The one I picked was Imperial Officer, because my brother and I were missing him from a way earlier run (he must have been left over from ESB - was he ever released on ROJ card??). POTF sat at TRU when GIJoe was the cool thing. I specifically remember picking up Luke in Stormtrooper outfit and briefly thinking to myself "wow, these are pretty cool" and then choosing a DREADNOK!!!! Oh, the pain....

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    My painful story was finding them in a toy store here in Perth only to think Star wars was losing it as they now were being released with coins. I remember seeing Luke Stormtrooper and thinking his head was too small and seeing amanaman and the imperial dignitary and thinking they were never in the movies. I didn't have the video back then and it was a few years since I had seen the movie. So I bought midnight oil tank tops and records instead. If only they increased in value the same.

    I do not remember any huge clear-outs here, but instead they had a SW showbag at our Royal show and stuffed that full of the unwanted POTF figures. If only...

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    I remember when the power POTF line came out in '86, but I was still a kid, and by then my parents wouldn't let me buy much SW anymore - in their mind, it was "dead" and a waste. Luckily, there were a few occasions where I could persuade my mother to let me get one, and I was able to get the two I wanted most - Han in Carbonite at TRU and Amanaman in KB. Almost didn't get the R2 w/ lightsaber cuz their reasoning was "you already have R2." Well, needless to say, I had all of the figures released (and that were on the backs of the cards) up until that last series, and not counting Yak Face, had all but 6 of the figures. Last year, I finally splurged and bought a Stormtrooper Luke and Blue Snaggletooth, but I'm STILL missing 4 POTF figs - Imp. Dignitary, EV-9D9, Romba, and Imp. Gunner. I've seen them all, but don't wanna spend the money again.....maybe one of these days, but I doubt it.

    As for the earlier comment about Chief Chirpa, he certainly was released. My brother and I each got one in TRU when they came out - the employees had them in the back, and the only way to get these figs was to ask.......whatever happened to those days where employees DID go into the back rooms....
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