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    Other Fan Sites?

    In no way do I mean to use SirSteve's Guide as any kind of commercial venue for anyone else, but

    I was just wondering, with the hundreds (thousands?) of other fan sites out there in the internet wilderness, which other ones do you guys visit on a regular basis?

    SirSteve's is pretty much the only place that I visit anymore besides an occasional looksee at the official Star Wars site. I'm not really sure what made me stop here, but it seemed to have the best layout, current news, best toy updates, fun forum, etc. I'm not really sure anymore, though I do, though rarely, pop into other sites like

    I'd love to peruse many of the other sites, I suppose, but with limited time, it seems best to find one or two of the best and hang out there. So which sites do you guys visit often and what
    different things do they offer that you don't see on SirSteve's Guide? What does SirSteve's Guide have that most or all of the other sites don't?

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    I like, but in no way are they as upto date or helpful as SSG.
    Plus I have really enjoyed my time here since I joined the forum in January. I have made some good online friends here and I wouldnt want to chat with any other group.
    The forums at are alot different than the ones here. It seems the people over there (and the ones from my area here in NC) are stuck up. Whenever I tried to talk to them or post something, it got totally ignored. I never enjoyed talking to those folks because they wouldnt really open up like we do here.
    So overall I love SSG and I am here for good.
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    The only time I ever go to another site is when I see something posted that I'd like to read or see.Then I come right back here.SSG is the only Star Wars site I have bookmarked.
    I too really do enjoy the forums.It's good that so many people can talk and disagree and never really get to carried away.It happens but not as much here as other places I've heard about.
    Sorry to hear that some "fans" are so arrogant.Doesn't seem that way here
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Originally posted by Dryanta
    Sorry to hear that some "fans" are so arrogant.Doesn't seem that way here
    Oh, there are a couple. I've learned where the landmines are placed.

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    Oh no doubt about it!
    I guess what I should have said it not a big problem here.
    But it's hard for me to say.I am the most humble person I know.I have to remind myself of that fact multiple times a day.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I should have clarified that I'm one of the arrogant ones. I believe that I'm right about 99.9% of the time, but it's part of my training to calmly at least consider other points of view before explaining why the other guy is wrong.

    No, really, I don't know everything, but the stuff I do know, I feel very confident about. The trick is in presenting your ideas without arrogance or that "holier than thou" attitude. I don't think I do that, at least I try very hard not to. But there are one or two around that don't think twice about being condescending to others though I don't think that they do it consciously or to be malicious.

    For the most part, though, the vast majority of people here at SirSteve's Guide are really thoughtful, helpful, kind, obedient, brave, reverent, etc etc etc. I haven't spent enough time at other forum sites to know what kinds of people post there. I suppose that I just got lucky in deciding to loiter here.

    But what other features of the other sites are comparable to SirSteve's? How are the checklists? News? Pictures? Spoilers (blechh)?

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    I'm the same way about what I know.
    And I also agree that the vast majority of the time attitudes are unintentional.Also it's relative thing considering the readers out look on things.But there are some who do it on purpose and mean every bit of it.And while I wouldn't want to be best friends with them they do add to these forums in some good ways.Keeps us all on our toes so to speak
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    WHAT other fansites?

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    I agree, stillakid. I don't know everything, but what I do know, I KNOW. And it's difficult to confer emotion from a written post. I may calmly disagree with someones opinion and tell them why sitting here with a low heart rate, calmly eating a sandwich. But someone reading my post may have a mental image of me jumping up and down screaming at my computer screen.

    I come to SirSteves first when I hit the net. I used to have a few other SW fansites bookmarked, but eventually all that info hits here, either in the news or in the forums (i just let you guys do all the gruntwork for me! )

    I have the official site bookmarked but only go there once or twice a week.

    For my non-SW movie news, I go to Garth is the man! I used to hit places like Cinescape and AICN but Harry Knowles can't give objective reports. he has to lace everything with his own obnoxious often incorrect opinion. Plus, his forums are a breeding ground for foul mouthed scrubs. Can you "talkback" withOUT the F-word people?

    For DVD news I hit and Both are great websites with up to the minute DVD reporting.

    And finally, for other toy news, I like to drop by Their reporting is excellent and they've got a pretty cool forum, also.

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    I don't think they count as fan sites, but I check and (the new "lite-spoiler" AOTC parody/news site by LFL) fairly regularly. I don't bother with Hasbro's site--it's a sad sham.

    I check every couple of days--the amount and range of news, not to mention the almost anal detail, can be staggering, but I sometimes see stuff there before anyone else gets it.

    Rebelscum I only check when advised that there's something worth seeing. Otherwise, I don't normally care too much for the formatting there. I can't remember the last time I went to yakface--is it even still around?

    Oh, and I make sure to check out coheteboy's Star Wars Outhouse whenever I hear that it's been updated. Pretty funny stuff over there.
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