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    upcoming releases

    i saw a post about walmart in the states having a lot of space for AOTC toys.

    it made me wonder how much stuf we'll get, they were discussing how they'll have no trouble finidng anything. i'm not so sure baout us though.

    i'd say we'll get them at zellers, TRU, and wal mart IF we're lucky.
    i'm just curious if anyone has any specifics on who is getting what and where.

    and woooooo my ranking changed to "sith initiate".
    happy days!
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    For some reason I'm a little worried about the upcoming release. I have the feeling that the stores will have learned there lesson with EP1 and not order very many...

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    I'm worried too, but I think they'll still put as much as last time on the shelves.
    There may have been lots left, but I'm sure they sold just as much or more.
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