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    Anybody saw Ice Age?

    I just watch it in the theaters 2 nights ago. It's cool man ... the advertisement here even associate it with the song Ice Ice Baby ... The story is very entertaining and hilarious ! I just love the part where the "herd" as they called their pack meet up with the dodo birds !!!
    Ha ! Those dodo birds are real comic with all their tae kwon do actions and pretty stupid philosophy .... hell they even say that the 3 melon is their ice age food supply !!!! What a joke ... and when Sid ( The Sloth ) tried to steal it for the baby .... all hell break loose !!!!
    In the end Sid had to make a final dash to safety while surrounded by dodo (dumb dumb ) birds I would call them !!! It is just like in the NFL league game where he scored a touch down with the melon !!! :happy:

    Hell ... if you haven't seen it ... I would highly recommend that you watch it for the fun and hilarious time you will definitely get .....
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    haven't seen it yet but a little question
    is it computer made (like shrek) or "cartoon" like most disney's ?

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    yeah., it is a pretty good family movie, and it is computer drawn.
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    I took my daughter. I laughed. Romano's "So you got three melons?" line inexplicably cracks me up whenever I hear it. Must be the delivery. There was quite a bit of "death" in it for a kids movie. The mother died, the dodos were all dying, Manny's family bite it in a horrid flashback sequence, the evil sabretooth got killed quite gruesomely (even though it wasn't on screen, a child's imagination can fill in the blanks quite nicely. I'm still seeing all those icicles impaling him....yeesh) Diego had a big death scene. What was up with the two rhino guys? Was there something going on there or what? "Yoohoo! I brought you some salad, Frank!" "Ooh! A dandelion!" I'm not sure what the filmmakers were going for with those two, but it was creepy to put in a kids film. I guess it teaches tolerance.

    Anyway. I liked it. And the trailer was pretty good too.

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    I've seen this movie and I think it was the worst piece of c**p I've ever seen in a theatre. The CG animation sucks. It just looks like a claymation mixed with drawings. The story isn't that good.

    I didn't know it was physically possible but this movie both sucks and blows at the same time.

    I should have left after the Star Wars trailer.

    I advise anybody who doesn't have really kids to skip this piece of garbage.

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    the trailer was awsome, and the movie was pretty funny
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    the movie wasn't funny to me. I was the type of humor that only kids would laugh at.

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    well im 13 sooo.....
    Master Obi-Wan has lost a planet, how embarassing. - the great yoda

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    Ummmm...I went with a group of friends to this because nothing else was playing. They are all in there 20's. I told the group, "You do realize that's a kid's movie?" They were in total aggreement. They'd reply "Yeah, but it will be fun."

    We go there and of course the film is aimed right at kids. All the little kiddies were just eating this movie up. I thought it was pretty damn good for a KID'S movie.

    The group walks out of theatre moaning and groaning because there was not any adult humor in it. They were bellyaching because they paid $7 plus dollars for a kid's movie.


    Sorry, but what did they expect? Shrek-type humor apparently.

    They should not have. It was obvious in the trailers that it was going to be a kid's movie.

    How could anyone miss that?
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    I thought it was hilarious! I never laugh out loud in movies, but this one had me going. This was great and Ray Romano's voice made a perfect mammoth. The dodos were my favorite part too!
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