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    New AT-ST & Speederbike - What's the big deal?

    Now that I've had a very close inspection of this set, what's so special about it? Don't answer that question. I have a POTF2 AT-ST and besides some paint differences, they are the same thing. As is the speederbike, except it doesn't explode. Remove the spring from a POTF2 version, add a little plastic model cement and it doesn't explode anymore.

    Anyway, I think this is a great for those who do not have these vehicles or those who want another one. All I wanted was the ewok and now I have him.

    This brings me to the real point of my post.(Something that has been pointed out countless times by others, including myself.) If Hasbeen, oops!, Hasbro can reissue these vehicles with a little retooling and a figure, why can't they reissue the figures everybody is clamouring for? We know they can, so what's the problem? They did it with the vintage line...

    I'd love to sit in on one of the meetings that decides on what is to be made and when. I'm sure it would be a riot!
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    Cause they needed an exclusive to peeve us off more. Over-priced for that matter. $30 for two molds that have been around since the 80's and a new little Ewok mold.
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    Yes basically...

    I just figured it was another one of those "if you want it, come get it" things. Besides, this sorta counts as another "army builder" technically. Can't have too many stomping AT-STs going around blasting furry things.
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    Okay, I have no interest in this set what-so-ever. All the same, it doesn't bother me in the slightest that it's out there. For new collectors it's a nice way for them to get these long off of the retail shelves ships. And as has been brought up, it's good for the Army Builders.

    Heck, I hope it flies off the shelves. Then maybe they'll reissue the Sand Crawler I keep dreaming about. C'mon Hasbro -- they're even in Episode II you know . . .

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    Weeeeeeeeell, considering that the POTF AT-ST is now going for ridiculous amounts, way more than this new one, I'm glad they put it out again so I was able to bag me a second one that looks like it's been on a different mission than the POTF one. It's a cool vehicle with the stomping action. Not everyone can afford the monster AT-AT and this is second best IMO. Fortunately through judicious wrangling of finances and collectibles store owner, I managed to bag both the AT-AT and AT-ST at a reasonable price.

    The speeder bike sucks but then it always did. I'm glad it no longer explodes. I'm not so glad the brake flaps at the back aren't very good. It's a throw away pack in basically.

    The Ewok is nothing to write home about but at least it's a new sculpt and not a wicket resculpt as some claimed. he's a nice addition to the ewok camp if you can get round the hood sticking out at the back.

    But mostly, this release wasn't meant to be opened. The window box, the six million twist ties to hold it secure the tape over the lid flap. This was meant as a display only piece for those MIMSB collectors out there. Seems Hasbro are catering toward them more than openers with the way stuff is put together these days.


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    I agree and I haven't even GOTTEN mine from JEDI DREW yet!!!

    Yes... I'm one of the kids who didn't get one of these the first... or second time they came around. I'm a happy boy now.

    I DO have the vintage speeder bike, though. That thing cracked me up. Don't ask.
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    One thing it's got going for it is that we've heard no reports (yet) of it not being able to stand from Hasbro's bad choice of materials.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    Well I hate to bust your bubble LT, but ....
    Just kidding!!
    It seems to stand on its own pretty well.
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    If I have one tiny gripe it's the black paint. It's a little - no a lot too heavy on mine. What should have been a light glancing blast burn looks more like a meteor hit it. And the paint round the guns on the side is just as dark and heavy. But the feet and legs look great with the green mossy effect. In fact I know that all the feet are painted the same and they just grab two for each walker but mine has two odd feet as far as paint goes. Obviously different painters did them so they don't look the same which is nice. Unless they all have completely different looking feet in which case it's still nice but slightly less pleasing somehow.

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    The ewok, I was kind of disappointed in. He doesn't look that great.

    Also, why did stupid Hasblow decide to make this vehicle an exclusive seeing as it was hard as h**l to find the first time. Sometimes I wonder who makes these ridiculous decisions. Moreover, I wonder if any of the stupid decision makers collect anything of their own and know how it feels when you can't get something you really want because the quantity is limited or it is an exclusive that you can't get?
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