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    Favourite Classic Bounty Hunter???

    You've got:

    Boba Fett

    and more...

    But which one do you like the most and why?
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    I guess "and more" is Bossk. It seems GNT has demoted Bossk to "The Professor and Mary Ann" level of Star Wars. That's a Gilligans Island reference for those of you who haven't ruined their brains on TBS reruns. I think voting for Boba Fett is too easy so I'll take him out of the equation. I read alot of EU books and that's really the only way you can make a judgement on these other guys. I really liked Dengar before he fell in love and found his humanity. It turned him into a wuss. Sorry Dengar fans. IG-88 was cool before he turned stupid and downloaded himself into the Death Star II. I'll have to go with 4-LOM. His background story is cool having served humans on a cruise ship and learning to steal from the rich for fun. I also like the way he cares about Zuckuss, after a fashion, and tries to help hide his illness from the other bounty hunters. He's a cool/ deadly droid. Not as deadly as IG-88 but with more street smarts. He recognizes that there are things that he can learn from sentient beings and always studies them so that he can make improvements to his own programming. I never thought I'd say it because he's such a boring action figure but 4-LOM is my favorite bounty hunter.
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    I liked Bossk... maybe 'cos he was a mailaway figure back in the day. Maybe it's 'cos he's a mean-looking bad-*****. Maybe it's 'cos I liked the Professor and Mary Ann.

    I'd have to say Bossk.
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    I'll take the Boba Fett angle. He's still the best, even though so many fans adore him.

    GNT, you can make that list:
    Boba Fett

    ... and more.

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    I pick Bossk, aside from Boba Fett he had the only speaking part in ESB.

    And what an amazing speech it was! Screenwriting at it's best!

    I've never mentioned this to anyone but the first time I heard Bossk's monologue, it brought a tear to my eye. Really.
    I mean this is what it's all about people, this kind of insight into each character's personality is why we love Star Wars so much.

    "Blleeeaaaarrrrgggg!!!!" well spoken Bossk, well spoken.

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    LOL Bigbarada! I could actually hear Bossk when I read your post. Do you think that it was spelled out that way in the script?
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    '(Alien makes unintelligible gagging sound.)' is probably how the script read.

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    Bossk all the way he just looks so cool he has always benn my favorite even as a child I remeber loving this guy. It might be just that he is just cool eye candy I don't know ,but he is the man!
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    You know, since the EU started, pretty much every unnamed character from the film is a bounty hunter. Ponda Baba, Djas Puhr, Takeel & Zutton, you name 'em!

    IMHO, it's a toss-up between Boba Fett and Bossk. Though the third alien from the right in the second scene following the vernal equinox is pretty awesome, too!

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    the master jedi
    I'm all for Boba Fett.


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