I tried to post this as a news article but it never went through. I thought the readers out there would like to know a couple more finer details about Dark Horse's plans for the Marvel series. Here's the reply for Dark Horse and my email:


Hi, Charles,

As far as I can determine, we'll be reprinting only the original
Marvel run that was done in the US. And we don't have any plans to reprint the Marvel Droids material. But that doesn't mean that we won't consider that material at some later date.

Hope this helps,

Hi! Your automated response didn't help very much, so I'm trying
again. I know you'll be reprinting the Marvel Star Wars comics
later this year. Will you be doing the same with the Marvel Droids series?

Back to the Marvel Star Wars series. I know they were reprinted in the UK but it was on a weekly basis. So to fill the time they
printed issues that were not seen in the states. Will you be
reprinting the UK issues as part of your Marvel collection?



Does anyone have an official count as to the number of UK weekly issues that were not printed in the States? I want to know what my hunting will involve. Thanks!