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    Thumbs up EPI Fans! When did you know it was all good?

    Hey all Episode 1 fans? When did, or what scene made, the movie work for you? Gave you that feeling that SW was back, and that everything was right in the world again(well atleast for 2hrs & 15 min)

    For me, I got all excited when I sat down and the words came up on the screen, the music blared and the scroll well started scrolling! However, I think I first felt that this movie was "all good" and that if fit among the rest of the trilogy during the goodbye scene! When Anakin turned around to leave and the music swelled, that signaled his first step and the begining of the entire 6 episode saga!!! Knowing everything that Anakin has gone through(in the OT) and everything that we're about to watch him go through made that scene very poignant!

    Well, what did it for you?
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    Aside from the opening crawl as well, it was actually when Qui-Gon uses his saber to melt through the blast door and the Force theme plays. Yeah! The first time I saw TPM, I was enthralled the entire time.
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    When I first heard Lucas was going to make another Star Wars movie I knew I was going to like it but when I saw Qui-Gon sticking his lightsaber into that door I just loved it.

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    As I've posted in that "other" thread, I had my reservations during the first few scenes, the first time I watched it. And I still believe that there were some scenes that could have at least been edited better. However, the movie captivated me when I first saw Watto and when he delivered that great line, "What're you waving your hand around like that? You think you're some kind of Jedi??" I just remember thinking to myself, "Oh yeah, this is awesome!"
    The Podrace (which I didn't think was overly long at all) and the final duel between OB1 and Maul actually had my heart racing. I don't remember being that excited about a movie since the first time I watched ANH and the final battle of ROTJ.

    Sure I believe the movie had problems, but what movie doesn't. Just go see the many insults thrown at the OT in the Classic Trilogy section. Those movies weren't perfect either.

    In fact, while re-reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I discovered an interesting quote from Tolkien, in reference to the high level of criticism he got from LOTR fans while he was writing the saga:
    "It is perhaps not possible in a long tale to please everybody at all points, or to displease everybody at the same points; for I find from the letters that I have received that the passages or chapters that are to some a blemish are all by others specially approved."

    I believe this can apply to the Star Wars saga as well. While many may find Ep1 an unsighly scar to the SW saga, there are many of us who accept it's problems and actually enjoy the movie. And I think it's unfair for those others to label us wrong or misguided because of this.
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    For me it was the opening the way it opened in to space and the ship flying by and the fight at the end.I don't know I liked the whole movie even with the bad lines and some bad acting.I can't wait until all the movies are out and I can sit back with a trash bag full of popcorn and a gallon of coke and tell the whole world to go to...I'm watching a Star Wars marathon.
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    I was thrilled when I saw the Radiant heading towards Naboo. I thought, "here we go... just like the old days!" Sure- It wasn't a Star Destroyer, but it was pretty close to the Tantive! From that point on I sat at the edge of my seat.

    As many of you have said... no, the movie isn't without faults, but this was one fun ride if you were smart enough to let go of the the "safety bar" that held you back!
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    My cat has no tail, no legs, no head, and no body. But I call it a cat and I love it nonetheless. For those who doubt me I am neither wrong nor misguided.

    But really, there were quintessential Star Wars moments that were great. The opening crawl, the ship flying into the shot, the very first lightsaber fight, the Pod Race, the introduction of Maul, the Senate sequence, the final duel all were visually spectacular and had that olde tyme Star Wars feel. Too bad they were strung together with medocrity.
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    Also when qui-Gon was melting the federation door and the final battle between Maul VS OBI and Qui, the gungan battle and the air battle which made it Star Wars for me!
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    For me it was when "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...." showed up. I got all tingly and giddy inside. Then when the Republican Cruiser blew up and Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan activated there lightsabers, I knew this was for real!
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    When Darth Maul apeared as A hologhram that was it for me the return of the Sith at last! Did someone up there say Lord of the Rings? Four more months Big Barada!
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