I received a shiny new mint AT-ST for my birthday on Thursday March 21st. Funny story that goes along with this one. My mother went to the TRU on Monday, I later found out, and saw that none were on the shelf. She went to a stockboy and asked about it. She told him that she had been looking for hours, and didn't realize that Toys R Us exclusively carried it (which isn't the truth)The stockboy dawdled around for 5 minutes or so, looking up the item in the computer (along with some deluxe figures I needed). After he was done, he said "well there is one on hold for someone in the backroom, but since you have been looking for hours, you can have it."

My mother said she was more happier tracking down the thing rather than me receiving the gift. It was the first time she actually found something I asked for her to keep a lookout for.