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    Question "Jedi Duel" poseability

    remember the Episode 1 figures, how Darth Maul, Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gon in the first wave were poseable to hold their lightsabers in both hands? How come, from the pics, the AOTC Jedi don't have this???

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    The AOTC figures don't have all the articulation of the E1 line... but instead we traded all that coolness in for those "realistic" poses. Aren't you glad...? Those are SOOOOOOO much better!
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    Thumbs down

    Yeah. I like the Obi-Wan jedi duel figure...his arms were the best, but it looked retarded because his legs weren't bent.

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    These are toys and they are just supposed to "represent" the action as best as possible... not recreate it to a "T"
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    All right...don't get all hostile on me.

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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    Yeah. I like the Obi-Wan jedi duel figure...his arms were the best, but it looked retarded because his legs weren't bent.
    Ugh, I'm so glad they didn't repeat this.

    I truely *hated* the Jedi Duel Obi Wan and Qui Gonn's. Granted, I was really excited when I first opened them that night, because that was the most articulation any SW figure had ever had, so I was impressed. But once I took them out of the pakage I realized how stiff and akward they were.

    They could hold their lightsabers with both hands, but they looked odd doing it, and in any other position, they just looked terrible because the arms were bent to allow them the two handed grip.

    I was SOOOO happy when the Naboo Obi and Qui Gonn came out. Those two still rank as two of my favorite Star Wars figures of all time.
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    I have to agree with pthfinder on that. Naboo Qui-gon and Obi-Wan had two things going for them. Robes and lightsabers on belts. It's one of the things I was waiting for was a figure who's lightsaber goes on there belt. Eeth Koth went one step better cuz the blade comes out too. I hope they continue this although my Coruscant Chase Obi has removable blade but the hilt doesn't clip on his belt any.

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    Where did you get the coruscant chase obi?????

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    yeah, the way theyre hands stayed between their crotches after haveing them hold the saber for a while looked pretty wierd...
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    DeadEye, got it the same way most others. Didn't bid on Ebay, but found a guy on Ebay who gave me a deal. It was like $15 including the overseas shipping. Same with Anakin and Jango


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