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Thread: Chicago......

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    I didn't get to go to the show, something came up.

    I think I mentioned this once before, but, I'm getting rid of mt carded collection to open everything. If any of you are looking to fill any holes, please let me know. I am trying to get rid of the stuff, not make money, so I promise to give great deals. I finally yanked everything out of the attic today (wife and baby are out of town...duh). From what I can tell it's all POTJ, most E1 (later stuff), and a bunch of the clearance figures found at KB and TRU a few years ago. I also have all the Cinema scenes, but almost no ships.

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    Hey, how would you guys and gals feel about starting a new thread every quarter? Instead of making one huge one with tons of old pages to look through, on June 1st we could start "Chicago Summer Edition" or something like that. Or would you prefer to have just this one thread keep going?

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    Hey thanks rpgnew!!!!!
    I went there on Friday night and scored my much needed Tie Bomber. Thank you so much!!!
    I also pick up a lone Mon Calamari officer that I needed. Still trying to catch up from my dark times I expierienced.

    I told my friend to go there(WM in Bloomingdale) to get thhem but as of Sunday afternoon he said they were all gone. Hope you guys got them and not some slimy scalpers!!!

    THIS board does WORK!!!!

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    Indiana, Do you have Holo Sidious, Queen Asension Gun and any Expanded Universe figs? All I have ar Thrawn and Sentinel. A bunch of my figures got stolen last year by my so called friend...long story. Also Motti and Leia commtech, and R2 and Threepio with a slide. oh, and Zuckuss and Piett...I thin that is all, but I will let you know LOL
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    Weekend action:

    I have had some computer difficulty plus had to work all weekend so hunting and posting was limited but here goes.

    I work near Fox Valley mall in Aurora, so I keep close tabs on that area.

    Obi-Wan lightsaber found at Wal-Mart on Rt 59 across from FV mall and at the Kay-Bee in the mall.

    Meijers( Bolingbrook and Naperville) and K-Mart by Louis Joliet MallON'T BOTHER !!!! Little or no figs at all!!!! What a let down!!!

    I don't think anyone knows the Target on Rt 59 and 127th (Plainfield, I believe)exists yet. Never crowded and always decent amonuts of product. I scored a Dexter with background there today. Had Clone troopers,Dexters, and Geonosian warriors in good amounts.

    For some reason Ani HD(ARRGGHH!!! Horrible fig!!) is plentiful at WM 's on RT.53(near Butterfield and Bolingbrook one) and also found a few Yodas too.

    Other than that got a Tie Bomber at WM on Army Trail Rd.

    I also was scheduled to go to the celebration but due to both parents being ill and hosptialized I won't be able to make it. I thought maybe I could do at least 1 day but it isn't gonna work out. If anyone can help me out with some of the exclusive merch, I would greatly appreciate it. What i need is:
    1 Jorg Scaul for me.
    1 Jorg Scaul for my brother who can't go as well
    1 GL select poster that I seen on the list
    1 convention program

    and an odd request, I seen they are having a books from around the world grab bin. I am studing Japanese and if they had any Japanese books that would be awesome.

    I 'll work you a little something extra on the price of anything you can get me and an willing to pay $20 bucks on the figure.

    If anyone can help me out let me know at or

    and MTFBWY!!!

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    I went to the Kane County toy show this weekend. I picked up 2 Dookus for $15 each. (A little pricey, I know--but some other scalper was selling them for $30 each!!!! Now that I have all 27 figs, I can relax until the next wave is released!)

    INDIANA--please restart this thread on June 1st. I like the idea.

    I got my SSG celebration badge, so I hope to see some of you there this weekend!

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    skyywalkerr, will look and let you know.

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    Hey Indiana good idea about the new thread.

    I had a great time at ST. Charles. Got some real good deals.

    Scored a MIMB POTF2 Millenum Falcon for $25.00. Got a vintage B Wing (missing the canape, and two wings) for $5.00. And I got some other parts for my vintage Y Wing. I got a few loose figures for a good price, and other stuff. But, the deal of the day was the Vintage Millenum Falcon I found in a garbage Can. Yep, that's righ it was just sitting on top of one of those rusty garbage cans. It wasn't complete or anything. It did have the large back covering and all it's side panels and landing gere. Then I went to a guy selling parts and got the canape and bottom hatch for a dollar each. So, not to bad.

    I thought it was a great show. A little windy, but not to bad. Could of spent more money, but I was only going to get things that I thought were a great deal.

    Funny thing was I found a Snowspeeder at the WM just down the road from the fair grounds. Didn't get it though. I already have one. I am sure it wasn't there at the end of the day

    Nothing new in the saga line. Still missing Dooku, Taun We, and Luminara (sp?). I am sure in a few days or weeks, we'll all have tons of them.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    icatch, if I can find any of those figs I will picke them up for you and we can meet up Wednesday night or something. I hve een thm a lot down jus south of you
    "I'm drinkin a soy latte, I get a double shot-ay, it goes into my bod-ay and you know I'm satisfied!"

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    Sure, sounds good. Don't think I got anything going on Wednesday. Anything I can help you find? Just let me know.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.


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