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Thread: Chicago......

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    What did they have from the Saesee wave in VH Wal-Mart? Also, the 24 hour K-Mart on Meecham was putting out the E2 puzzles, legos, and some other things.
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    I'm West Side. I have 3 K-Marts by me that aren't closing but have only found the E2 stuff at the big Super-de-duper K-Mart 24hr store. Nothing at the other two, but that could change any day now.

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    Indiana you say west side, but west is a very broad location. Could you narrow it down a bit. Maybe a town or a road please. I'm west (Vernon Hills) and I have one K Mart closeing and they have crap.
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    La Grange Park/North Riverside/Broadview areas.

    Went to cut rate toys on Devon yesterday. They had 2 speeders left, C1 and C2 (Dexter wave), and tons of Lightsabers. The prices were not "cut-rate" $6.89/figure. Speeders $11.99. But they did have them.

    I spoke to my Wal-Mart manager who confirmed they have the Bomber/Speeders in back BUT will not put any out until the 23rd.

    Nothing new at K-Mart this morning. I still am only seeing things at the 24hr store, not the "regular" stores.

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    Thanks Indiana you've been a real big help. This "Cut Rate" toys, I have never heard of this befor. It's on Devon St in La Grange? Sounds like an interesting place. I might have to check it out some day. Well in Vernon Hills everywhere is pretty bad. Our K Mart was 24h, but is closeing and the place looks like a dump. Toys R Us seems to put our 5 Preview figures every so often, but no Bo Shek or anything that new. WM had a strange collection of figures. They have had the Ketwol wave for years, but this week I have found a couple of Zuttons, and yesterday they had the FX-7 wave with out FX-7. They were all still there on Thursday at 5 pm, so if anyone is interested better start planning a trip to the VH.

    Well good luck guys. I'm going south this weekend, takeing the train home. So I hope to find some stuff there.

    I like this thread, I hope all of us northerners can keep this one going. Kind of like a ChiTown Collectors Club.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Cut Rate Toys is on Devon in Chicago. I belive right around Central and Devon.

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    Thanks again, Indiana! I will check that out next time I am in that area.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Hey icatch, I live in Palatine, not too far from you...let me know if you want to do a run sometime, my email is in an earlier post...I may have to try to run to VH in the morning, hope they still have some stuff!
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    Keep checking stores that sell toys but aren't known for selling toys.

    I picked up the new "kids" lightsabers at KOHL'S yesterday. $7.99 in Red,Green,Blue and Purple. They also had a bunch of puzzles and games. No 3/4 stuff YET.

    You may also want to try Osco and Walgreens locations.

    I ended up opening all the E2 figures I have so far. As a whole I am pretty unimpressed. I was going to pick up new items as I ran across them, but think I will now wait until the 23rd and not make myself crazy.

    I have also decided NOT to collect MOC or boxed items anymore. I'm just going to be getting 1 of each and opening them. My attic is filled with tons of carded and boxe stuff that takes up a lot of room, will never be worth tons of money, and is expensive to keep buying duplicates of. If anyone is still looking to pick up MOC items they haven't been able to find e-mail me. And I'll see what I can do. I think I will probably be going to Kane County at the end of the month and I could meet some people there if possible.

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    Just a note to those still in hunt for POTJ stuff. I found the Emperors Wrath Vader wave at the WM in Bradley near Kankakee. So, that was X Wing Luke, DS Escape Han, and EW Vader. They had more, but nothing older than that. It’s a good trip down there, but you pass Lincoln Highway (TRU, WM, KB, Target). And once in Bradley they have a (TRU, KM, Target). So plenty of stuff to keep you occupied.

    I was in the WM in Buffalo Grove last night about 9 pm, and they had about 3 boxes of AOTC figures, and a box of deluxe figures, and a couple of boxes of other things all on a palate. I didn’t bother opening them because I didn’t feel like getting into a fight with the Smiley Faced Man (he’s pretty mean looking in that Zorro mask). Nothing I can’t wait for. Of course I found the same thing in a WM in Central IL (near the U of I) on Friday. They had even more boxes of stuff. Still I didn’t bother to open them. I thought to myself “Self, if you get caught doing this you have no argument. The date is stamped on the box. They have you singing the WM blues for quarters.” So, I decided to wait until the 23rd like everyone else. Maybe I made a mistake and could have out smarted the cashier, but no big deal. I found 6 AOTC figures 2 weeks ago, and that is enough “early bird” stuff for me.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.


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