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Thread: Chicago......

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    I hit the Wal-Mart near me this morning. They were just putting stuff out, they only had the basic 14. Picked up 12 figs, Slave I, and the Reek. No TIE Bombers or Snowspeeders though. I plan to go look for more stuff on my lunch break.
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    Just went to the Wal-Mart on Toughy in Niles... they pretty much had all the new figures in good quantity, Jedi Fighter, Slave 1....

    NO TIE Bomber or Snowspeeder however.

    all, in all, I liked the sculpts on the new figures a lot (not crazy about Amildala Arena and her weird arm).... the flesh colored magnets in the jedi hands bothered me a little though... but the metal light sabers were great.

    did get a bit of a spoiler seeing the Zam Wessell figure... we'll see how that plays into the movie.... 3-PO with panels was cool, and Kamino Escape Jango with removeable helmet was my favorite.

    it looked like a couple of the deluxe jedi figures had their lightsabers permanently sculpted into their hands--AWFUL!!!! HATED IT!!!

    oh well... on balance a pretty nice job by Hasbro, but Ill probably avoid deluxe Obi-Wan and Anakin with their crappy permanent lightsaber hands

    P.S. I love that this Chicago thread has begun, but it would be REALLY HELPFUL if people would state what stores they went to and WHERE they are located when they talk about the selection.

    Thanks in advance everybody.

    peace out.

    -Rash Flembar-

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    Well I went out on my Lunch hour in search of TB and SS and nothing. So the WM on 60 in Vernon Hills has no TIE's or Snowspeeder, and not a whole lot of anything. Very slim pickings on figures. I am sure they'll restock, but today thye didn't have much. The TRU in VH had a fully stocked everything, but nothing differet. Just the first 14 or so. The Target however had Hanger Dual Ani, Yoda, and Red Clone Trooper. Very COOL! They cost a buck more, but worth it. They didn't have many left, so you may want to get on your horse. That's all.

    So anyone in the Chitown area find TIE or Snowspeeder? It sucks that the WM are crappy around hear, considering how many people live hear.

    Oh I agree with Flembar, the town and location of the stores is super helpful. Let keep up the good work, and help eachother out.
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    TRU North Riverside was VERY disappointing..not a lot of anything. KB at N. Riverside mall had all the latest, as did the Wal-Marts. I was informed late last night that my contact at Forest Park Walmart was NOT going to have the Bombers either. Taking that into consideration, I went to the Hodgkins Walmart (with about 20 disgrunteled TRU shoppers) and they had ONE case (3 each) Snow/Bombers. I was able to grab 1 Bomber for myself before being pushed away.

    Anyone finding a Dooku anywhere..please let the rest of us know.

    P.S. Target sucked and K-mart pretty much sucked too. Target $6.99 a figure.

    Wal-Marts and KB were the best for selection and most recent releases.

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    Anyone hit the KB in Woodfield mall yet? I want to know if its worth the trip or not. I'm just looking for the later releases now. Dexter wave, Anakin Hanger Duel, Dooku, Taun We, Red CT, etc.

    TRU on Golf near woodfield had nothing but basic 14.
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    I went to about 15 stores today. Here is my 2 cents on where I THINK you're best shot at finding things is:

    Yoda wave of 4: I saw them at Wal-Mart and KB

    Taun We: I saw them at Wal-Mart, KB, and a VERY few at Target (like maybe they got in 1 case)

    Dexter Wave: Try K-Mart. The one NON-24hr store here had a lot of this wave.

    Dooku: hell, or California

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    Alright, so no Dooku sightings around here it would seem...

    I picked up the Dexter Wave at the 24 hour K-Mart on Meecham. Haven't found Yoda or Taun We wave yet, I'll look later tonight.
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    It's funny you say that because apparantly a few Wal Marts here in the So. California area have the Dooku's. (I have yet to find one). So hell? California? Maybe it's not that far off.

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    Have been reading your posts which have been helpfull, so I thought I would contribute and return the favor.

    7:15am-Walmart, St Charles-my first stop gave me quite a few figures, but noticed many were missing. Best find was a Zam Wessel-the only 1 there. I looked in the next aisle, and found 2 Snowspeeders and 2 Tie Bombers up on a top shelf!!! Only took 1 each and I think a guy who saw me come back with them bought the others.

    10am-Schaumburg TRU-Found 2 dexters, bought 1!!!!

    11am-Wal Mart Streamwood-Tons of Red Clone troopers!! Also found 1 Geo Warrior! No bombers,speeders

    1130am-WalMart Bloomingdale-same figs as everywhere, no bombers, speeders

    Look forward to posting more, and helping out.
    By the way, I have been to several Toy Shows at Kane County Fairgrounds, and have always found something I needed-old,new,impossible to find. Have even brought duplicate figures to trade with vendors or even sell for cash! A previous post was correct by saying to shop around, as prices vary greatly from vendor to vendor. But you do risk something being sold out by spending time shopping. Good luck!

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    Who wants to bet that the TIE Bombers and Snowspeeders we couldn't find will be in ABUNDANCE this weekend at Kane County? Okay now with that out of the way, I found everything I wanted, save the two exclusives in my travels. Didn't find a Dooku, but will in the next few days I'm sure, so no big deal. All the figures I opened I was really happy with. Unlike Episode 1, there isn't a figure I am not excited about, especially Yoda!
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