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    My MM was down right horrible. I really only wanted to pick up several of the figs. My list of buys vs. not buys was sooo much shorter. I went to TRU in Aurora IL and waited in line with about 100+ people. When the clock struck 12 and everyone rushed in there it was a madhouse. I got shoved only 3 times, pushed about 2 times and hit in the back with a cart. I felt like I was in a mosh pit. It was like a swarm of bugs, they decended on the rack and when they cleared all that was left was empty pegs. Everyone ran to their own corners and sorted out mess. Then figs started making their way back to the pegs and the employees threw(literally) cases in the open sections so people could mob those. All in all, I walked out with Nikto Jedi(one of the few that were there), Shakk Ti, and Plo Koon. There were no Yodas, Ani HD, Red Clone troopers, Luminaras, Red Guards, or Taun Wes to be found at all. And no novels or other books which I found the most disappointing.

    I went to Meijers on Rt.59 and @12:35 and they had NOTHING. The one stocker found a pallet of legos but said they were still searching for the figs.

    I then went to Meijers on Boughton in Bolingbrook and found a whopping NOTHING. No novels or CDs. NOTHING. And the stockperson there said maybe later they'll get it out.

    What a horrible MM compared to when TPM came out. So I hoped the next day would be fruitful.

    Quick run down of the day after:

    Wal-mart on Larkin in Joliet:1 Ani HD Tons of figs TRU did not have including Zams and Red CTs. Also plentiful Dexters, Nikto Js, and Geonosian Warriors. But no Red Guard, Luminara, Taun We or Dookus. Did pick up the CD. It has an exclusive screensaver. Also snagged the storybook and scrapbook. Also no Tie Bombers or Snowspeeders but I scored a SS last week so I'm ok.

    K-Mart by Joliet mall did not even set up ANYTHING. Don't waste your time here. Still no Red Guard, Luminara, Taun We or Dookus.

    Target: Scored Yoda. Everything I seen at previous stores. CD here has exclusive bonus track. Still no Red Guard, Luminara, Taun We or Dookus.

    TRU had tons of Ani HDs and Yodas all case fresh and tons of figs that were absent form MM in Aurora. YET Still no Red Guard, Luminara, Taun We or Dookus.

    Kay-Bee: still more of the sameand YET AGAIN no Red Guard, Luminara, Taun We or Dookus.

    Best Buy: CD here has a card with it. Good thing they made so many covers.

    Barnes and Noble: Got the novel here. Also snagged the new character guide. BTW the new artist who did the pics is AMAZING!!!!! Would have picked up the visual dictionary and the comic adaption but I scored those here 2 weeks ago. Thye give you a magazine that cool. It has a Dark Horse comic story in it.

    At least today made up for last nights disappointment. Still don't have evrything I wanted but its only the first day and I think at next years TRU day after Thanksgiving Day sale they will be choking on Ani Peasants and that screwed up C3PO. The distribution system on these figs is kinda crazy. I didn 't buy alot of the figs to send a message but appreantly I was one of the few so it didn't get heard. Everywhere was already pegwarmer city, but well see how that is after the movie opens.

    Any other places have anything exclusive with their cds??

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    Darth Pen--I was at the Fox Valley TRU too. It was rather unpleasant at first, but I thought things settled down after a while. I had a great spot in front & since my wife and I were very polite to the employees they kept handing us boxes to look through. I got everything they had there.,

    Yesterday morning I found Taun We, Luminara and Royal gaurd at the Target on County Farm rd in Wheaton. They only had 2 or 3 of each (I only bought 1 of each)

    I still need: Yoda, Dooku, Anikan (hanger duel), clone trooper and Zam Wessel.

    Since Target stocks overnight my wife was going to stop by when they open this morning. I'll let you know what she found later today.

    Good luck to all!

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    Well, I went on a tour of the Western Suburbs. Nothing in Vernon Hills (other than the normal peg warmers). Nothing at the Buffalo Groove WM or Target. Nothing at the Lake Zerik (sp?) WM, but got the last Royal Guard and R2 leg Variant at the Target there. I did do well with all the card inserts. ONly missing 4.

    Battle Droid
    Dexter Jettster
    Geosian Warrior

    So, if you can confirm finding these anywhere I'd greatly appreciate a location.

    None of the WM had the snowspeeder or TIE, but the WM in Buffalo Groove at least had a spot for the TIE. It sucks that they make these so hard to find. Oh, well.

    I'm going to Kane Co. this Sunday too. I agree with whats been said. If your looking for something that's going to be hard to find, I'd get it early. People kind of get frenzied there. I hope to bump into some of you guys there. Should be a fun time.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    I got word that the guy who runs Falcon's Hanger in Indiana has tons of Dooku's in stock and will bring them on Sunday. I wasn't able to get a price, but Jeff has always been really reasonable and decent to deal with. I don't think he will blow the prices up too badly.

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    Yea, I don't know him, but I remember his table. He has always got a bunch of the new stuff. Useally no more the $10.00. So that's not to bad of a price (if you can't wait to hunt it down for retail).

    So those of you who are going, what's the one thing you hope to get? I am torn becase I'm going to the Celebration wich is the following weekend. I have budgeted enough money to buy as small country (JK), but I am only going to buy something that is a good price. Anyway, I am hopeing to get some POTF 2 vehicles (outrider, x wing, vader tie), and some parts and weopons for my vintage stuff. Plus, the acosional steal on a loose figure or something like that. I'm hopeing to get there at 8 am, so I'll have all day to walk around and go nuts.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Question Kane County TOy Fair

    Could somebody in the know please post the details of the toy fair.... ie times, dates, address

    thanks in advance!!


    A death mark is not an easy thing to live with.

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    STOP THE PRESSES !!!!!!!!


    A VERY good friend picked him up yesterday for me at KB in Yorktown!!!!!! I didn't talk to him until just now !!!

    Good luck everyone!!!!

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    I also got one there yesterday, but they are all gone as of this morning...

    Still have a ton of Hangar Anakin, Red Clone and Zam, as well as some Yodas. I know they had a few Geonosians and I think Dexters as well...

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    Hey the Toy show is This weekend April 28th (you can go on the 27th, but it cost $50.00 to get in). The cost to get in is $6.00 (I think kids and SS are cheaper, but I can't remeber the price). It is at the Kane County Fair Grounds in St. Charles IL. The time if from 8 am - 4 pm. As a frequent visiter to this show I recomend getting thier earlier than later. Venders have a tendance of closing up shop around 3:00.

    Go to for all the info. Hope to see you there.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    muchos gracias for the toy fair info
    A death mark is not an easy thing to live with.


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