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Thread: Chicago......

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    hey guys,
    I will be there really early on Sunday, since I have to work (Which I tried to get out of, since it's my birthday...but I digress) I am hoping to fill in one of the few spots left over from when so many of my figures got ripped off. BUT that being said I am gonna check the celebration too. Anyone know where I can lay my hands on a CHEAP Motti or Leia Commtech? let me know, I'd just as soon NOT deal with Brian's Toys! ICatch, maybe we can see each other, and if you need a Geonosian Warrior still, I have an extra for you!
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    Well, I just got back from shopping day #2. I found a Saesee Tinn, Jar Jar Binks, and Nikto Jedi at the Wal-Mart in Mt. Prospect. The Wal-Mart in ROlling Meadows has lots of HD Anakins, Zams, and Red Clonetroopers.

    I still haven't found Geonosian Warriors, Dexter, Taun We, Royal Guard, Yoda, Dooku, and Lumiara.
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    I may have asked this before, but I'll just say I'm having a senior moment. Who from the Chicago area is going to celebration II?

    I'll start:


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    I will be there

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    Me too Jediteacher. It's going to be a blast! Did you get you SSG Celebration Badge Yet?

    Oh, nothing new in Vernon Hills. Targe expanded thier SW area, but only got more of the Boba Fett Wave.

    Hey Skyywalker, my Dad got me the Geonosian Warrior last night. Still thanks for the offer. Yea it would be great to bump into you at St. Charles. Sorry, but I don't have any Motti or Liea left. Had a couple of each back in Jan, but used them in a pretty great trade. I am sure you'll be able to pick those two up for about $15.00 each, not to bad. I paid $10.00 for mine (got them at the Field Museum when the SW exhibit was there. Paid $10.00 for Hoth Liea, and AT AT Driver. That was a mistake becasue I saw a ton of those at TRU a few weeks later for $3.00, oh well. Over paying seems to be our lot in life.

    We'll have to see if we can't catch up with one another in St. Charles.
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    Question Celebration 2--and Jorge Sacul

    Im NOT going to the Celebration 2--good friend getting married that weekend

    but let me go a step further...

    is there any one who is going that would be willing to pick up a Jorge Sacul figure for me? Im only looking for one. Id be happy to pay them up front in advance and include a "finder's fee" or something for the trouble

    Id prefer someone who lives in the city (Im on the NW side) just because its easier that way

    thanks in advance!

    -Rash Flembar-

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    Jorge Sacul

    Oh yeah... one more thing....

    If anyone is interested and would like to email me directly Im at

    Frankly, I dont really know what an appropriate finder's fee would be... but I was thinking whatever the cost of the figure is we can double it--so Id basically be buying yours for you.

    sound fair? I dunno... you tell me....

    thanks again!!


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    KB Toys--6 Corners

    was driving by KB at the Marketplace Mall at 6 Corners (Irving and Milwaukee) so I went in

    they had the standard stuff... no Dookus... a couple each of Anakin's and Zam's speeders... jedi fighter and slave 1... Royal Guard... and the new R2-D2 with the sound effect--which, BTW, I really liked. we sure have come a long way from the vintage days of the high pitched CLICK when you turned R2's head



    A death mark is not an easy thing to live with.

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    hey guys, I just got back from Aurora on a delivery from work and the Walmart there had one each of the TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder! The lady told me they had just found them in the back, so keep that in mind on your toy run!
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    Hey, good for you Skyywalker. Nothing like getting paid to buy Star Wars stuff. I used to deliver for a copy store and did stuff like that all the time. It's still so amazing how few of these there are. It's stinks that no one is finding them. I just don't get it. It worries me too becasue these don't seem to be something that they are going to make a bunch of. I mean we'll be finding the Jango's Slave 1 next Easter, but these two very cool ships will be gone by the time the movie is out. D@mn, it sucks!
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