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    The SSG BATTLE OF THE MACHINES Round 1 - Fight 8!

    Tonight we get half way through the preliminary matches with Fight 8: the Mobquet Flare-S Swoop Bike versus the Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike.

    This is a light weight match up, but we are pitting just about every Hasbro Star Wars vehicle there is against each other to fight for the ultimate title of the SSG Battle of the Machines Champion!

    With that in mind, the Flare-S Swoop Bike was a brand new vehicle never seen before until introduced for the Shadows of the Empire toy line. However, the vehicle had been referred to in the Expanded Universe novels before, as it pertained to the young Han Solo racing these kinds of Swoop Bikes in the professional circuit. The bike then appeared in the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition movies, seen briefly in Mos Eisley, when a rider startles a Ronto that dumps its frightened Jawa passengers. Another Swoop gang rides by in The Phantom Menace, as the heroes first enter Mos Espa. The Swoop fans got as a toy is somewhat modified from what we've seen in the films or read of in the EU. This Swoop carries one heck of an extra punch in the form of an onboard cannon that can be modified to fire a heat-seeking missle! The weapon swings up into an "attack position" while the craft is balanced by another stabalizer wing on the opposite side of the bike. The thrusters may also be pivoted underneath the bike to act as a kickstand. Finally, the vehicle includes a very interesting pack-in figure of the Swoop Biker whos almost cyborg mercenary gear has never been seen before.

    The Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike is extremely more recognizeable from its unforgettable scenes in Return of the Jedi. This vehicle has been packed with every known movie pilot which today includes its standard pilot, the Imperial Scout Trooper, as well as Princess Leia of the Rebel Alliance (shown), Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, and Ewok Scout Paploo (most recently released). All of the pack-in figures are available in other venues (save for Paploo) be it a carded figure, or a Millennium Minted Coin box figure. Meanwhile, the speeder bike features a pivoting blaster cannon, braking flaps that operate remotely when the foot pedals are moved, and an explosive battle damage feature that causes the craft to blow apart when the camouflage jacket is pressed down on the rear of the craft.

    One of these fast babies is going to speed to the finish line and make it to the next race for the quarterfinals!

    You pick the best machine! Vote now!

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    My vote is for the Speeder Bike. The Swoop isn't as detailed. But that can all change if they come out with a Swoop that comes with Anakin in the AOTC line.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    I really like the Swoop, but it could be a lot better than it is. It's too squat, the missile launcher sucks, the stickers are pretty transparent, and the pack-in figure seems out of place.

    The speederbike may be old, but it holds its own. It and its figure are fairly accurate, even if the figure is a dud on its own. Why they changed the handle grips to those big fat ones though, I cannot imagine. But it still gets my vote even though it's been rereleased in the modern line more than any other vehicle (not counting vintage reissues, it tops the chart at 4 - original, Luke, Leia, and now AT-ST/Ewok).
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    I keep seeing the speeder bike chase in my head. How cool would it be to have an ARATECH to fly to work or school on? Speederbike for me.

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    Even though the swoop has the edge on firepower, i.e., the missile launcher, it is too damn garrish. Those bright colors make it look like it belongs more in the Doo-Dah Parade than a SW story. What self-respecting biker would ride something with that color scheme?!

    I have to go with the ROTJ speeder bike. Take your pick, you can either take one with Luke, Leia, or the Biker Scout. With the swoop you only get one figure.

    Just another reason why EU isn't as good as the OG stuff.
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    Of all the vintage designs the speeder bike works the best with the POTF2 figures. The swoop is cool but the missile is over size and looks silly. So the speeder bike has my vote.
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    i voted for the swoop, i like the disign
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    Speeder Bike

    I like to stick with the classics more than the Expanded Universe stuff. They were easy to get. In fact, I saw some with Leia in a local Ames store last week.

    My only complaint is that they sometimes "explode" when you don't want them to.

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    Gotta go Speeder Bike, nice vehicle and pretty accurate compared to the movie version. The EU Swoop Bike didn't match the Swoop bike from the SE of ANH or the Shadows of the Empire Comic. It was cool, but definatly not as cool as it could have been.

    Hopefully with Hasbro's new deluxe line, or that upcoming Endor Scout Set we might get a Deluxe Biker Scout w/ Speeder Bike. Tool him out with tons of articulation and ball jointed legs so he can stand regularly and ride his bike.

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    I'm sure I voted for the speederbike, but right now I wish I could take it back in a way:

    The Swoop gave us a new figure we wouldn't have otherwise. A great "background mercenary-type." I also long for a speederbike that doesn't blast apart if you hold it wrong. I like how sturdy the swoop is. A clear stand versus bending down the swoop's exhaust pipes to use in place of a kick-stand did not appeal to me. Neither did the gigantic plastic missle, that were this a real-world design, would surely set the bike spinning out of control were a real rocket to be fired. In my opinion, a smaller missle cannon, mounted underneath, would've worked a lot better! But I still like the SOTE Swoop a lot.

    But note at the time: there was no other way to get a Bikerscout, Endor Luke or Endor Leia than with their bikes - the way they were first released.

    While this poll seemed like the answer was an obvious choice for many, it was a tough one for me.
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