View Poll Results: When someone finds new figures, do they deserve armies of their favorites?

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  • Yes, they made the effort to be there

    184 42.20%
  • No, they MUST be scalpers if they are buying that quantity

    130 29.82%
  • No, because I deserve to sleep or get to work, and find the figures later

    122 27.98%
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    It depends if I have extra money at the time. Likely many of you, I live on a budget and I can/could/have blown it on figures very easily. If I have the extra cash, yes, I will buy two or three extras, especially if the figure an army builder.

    When the commchip stormies were showing up at TRU for $2 and I found several, yes, I bought them but I did leave some behind for other buyers. And when TRU has the 2/$3 sales, yes I hit the local TRUs looking for specific army builders.

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    When someone first finds figures...

    This is a great question. And one that I myself can't even clearly answer, however I will do my best. If in the process of my answer, I offend or make someone upset, please forgive me, however this is my point of view.

    I have been collecting STAR WARS figures for a good 25 years now. I started when the line was first introduced in 1977 and have continued faithfully to this day!

    I would like to say that I have a nice nearly complete collection of the POTF/POTJ/SOTE sets, and obtaining these figures at times has been very difficult. I have encounted numerous "toy pirates" and other collectors, been tripped, pushed, had my hand slapped, and seen many of these "collectors" go into a frenzy over these 3.75" pieces of plastic.

    I'm not saying that I don't get excited when I find a new figure, but I have the common decency and respect for others to at least act like a normal human being, and not push a little kid, or slap someone's hand because they have a figure I want.

    Collectors need to act like RESPONSIBLE adults and not crazed maniacs! Is it worth coming to blows over that varient of Jango Fett, or that rare Princess Leia with Sporting Blaster and COMM-Tech Chip? In my opinion, no!

    I have had a hard time recently finding the newer POTJ figures. Some of it stems from the fact that like normal people, I can't stand in front of my local Toys R Us or Target at their respective opening times, and rush the aisles for the new toys since I need to work to earn the money in order to buy what I want for my collections! The rest of it stems from the fact that I never know what day or time mostof the new merchandise is put on the shelves. I do have a friend that works at my local Toys R Us, but he is even unclear when the toys come in.

    I have had to resrot to ordering the newest waves of figures online from places like Because of this, I am forced to pay slightly higher prices ($7.99 for a POTJ figure), plus shipping and handeling. To top it off, I have to wait for the figures to be shipped to my house. The plus side is, I know I am getting the figures, the bad side is, I have to wait for them!

    I think anyone that has the luck to get figures as they are released should be able to pick up a few copies of the figures they want to build an army. I have done that in the past. But let's all try to be sensible. I think picking up all the copies of a certain figure because it is short packed is a bit greedy and isn't fair for others. I have been known to give a figure to a kid, or another collector if they see that I have one in my hand and they don't! My rule is, if I already have the figure, and they don't, then I'll let them have it since I already have one. If everyone adopted a policy simular to mine...maybe figure wouldn't be so hard to find. At the same time, you can't expect everyone to behave like a few individuals do.

    I wish everyone luck and hope they can find what they are looking for! May the force be with us all!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    I couldn't decide my vote, need another catergory!

    First I do think they deserve to get the figs for their effort but also feel that stores should stock at different times of the day so guys like me can"army build" as well. Now I can't say to much as I seem to have good luck when it comes to army building. Just this past Friday I went to TRu and found all of the previews and bought 1 zam,r3,jango (I already have 1 of each on order somewhere else, but I also bought all of the clonetroopers, 7 to be exact (along with the 2 i have on order) My EPII army building has already been successful. Now as far as etiquitte goes. If there are no other collectors in site or you don't buy for other "friend collectors" then you should get all you want, if on the other hand another collector is looking at the same time and sees you have the stuff they were looking for, you should as a courtesy offer to let them have one of each of you army builders or any other multiple for that matter. (Don't forget the shoe may be on the other foot someday) I have done this and been rewarded by other collectors who have appreciated my sharing. I have create friends because of this and now have a small group of fellow collectors who look out for each other.
    So my final vote goes as such: Yes the early riser should get what they want, don't be greedy and share when you can. If the stores don't change their policy on stocking figs then get to know other collectors and hunt for them too while looking for yourself. You'd be suprised at how grateful others can be if you share your find with them. (BTW i am sharing two of my CT's with one of my collector buds).

    Take care and MTFBWY!
    Move along, move along

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    Angry dealer buy outs

    I believe that most of the buy outs on the shelf's are from alot of 2nd hand dealer's, They buy them at $6.44 and then sell them for alot more. I know this because I see it alot. I try to tell people not to buy from 2nd hand dealer's, so this act will stop. the second hand dealer's are not true collecter's and don't really care about other collector's, They just want the fast buck. I really dont purchase from them at all because I see what they do. They clean the peg's and then sell for double. Sso becareful who you buy from fellow collector's. and dont let these leaches hurt are collecting fun!

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    It's nice to see, C Richards, that other people are having difficulty finding the newer POTJ figures. I found an Imperial officer at the peg at Wal Mart at Saturday, and that made my day!

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    I don't much care for the choices in this poll. Technically, yes the first person there deserves to buy what they want whether they are an army builder, scalper, collector, or kid. However, considering how many troop type figures I've never seen at retail in my area, I'm pretty bitter towards the army builders which hoard them all up.

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    I don't like the idea of army building but I'm not stop any one from trying either. I fail to see why any one would want more then one of each figure. Variation collecting is beyond me. But variations like the battle droids (clean, dirty, ect) are fine.
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    Re: I couldn't decide my vote, need another catergory!

    Originally posted by jedi master sal
    Now I can't say to much as I seem to have good luck when it comes to army building. Just this past Friday I went to TRu and found all of the previews and bought 1 zam,r3,jango (I already have 1 of each on order somewhere else, but I also bought all of the clonetroopers, 7 to be exact (along with the 2 i have on order) My EPII army building has already been successful.

    I believe that this is exactly the type of behavior that many of us deplore. Whether it's fair, ethical, or whatever is up for discussion amongst the philosophers, but the result is that many many collectors who wish to obtain just one of a figure may never be able to because of the selfish desires of a few. Army building is "successful" when you clean new figures off the pegs at the expense of others. That's not luck.

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    i voted yes, i have always had a fantasy about getting hundreds of stormtroopers and lining them up...
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    Talking building armies

    ok here's the scoop on building armies! i buy what i find on the shelves. I AM NOT A SCALPER nor am i an army builder! i buy stuff for 2 other people so i look like a scalping terd but i am not. matter of fact ijust returned my extra clone troopers and zam wessell that i purchased 3 weeks ago because i knew some other collector needs them. i still leave at least one of every figure unless they are gonna be hard to find which in my market they are. but i cannot stand when someone buys every figure on the rack for their own purposes. i do not agree with ebay or scalping on these websites. if more people would live the way most collectors do we would all have r2 w/ holo leias and ff weequays!!! but if it is darth vader or jango fett you might have to fight me over the last figure!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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