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    Slight Clarification

    I would like to make a clarification regarding my original post. While I still feel it's wrong to hoard all the figures for yourself, I don't see it being a problem unless there are others around you that want the same figure as you do. In that case a little bit of courtesy is in order!

    I have seen people so rude that they have litterally taken a figure out of a kid's hands and were going to buy it. I couldn't stand by and let that happen so I interveiened and got the toy back for the kid!

    There is no reason for people being rude when it comes time to getting the new figures and building an army. If worse comes to worse, do what I do....order a bunch of one figure through an online company! LEAVE WHAT IS ON THE STORE SHELVES FOR EVERYONE!

    Now, I also mentioned the term "toy pirates" in my previous post. I would like to break down my classification of the toy collecting community.

    1.) Toy Collectors - a lot of people consider themselves collectors. They generally will buy 2 or so copies of a figure, but tend not to hoarde any and all things they find. I have found that many of my fellow collectors are very friendly and happy to help you if you help them back!

    2.) Toy Sellers - While fewer people fall into this catagory, many of them I have met are still relatively easy to get along with and do not attempt to be so edgy and will not mark up the price of the figure they re-sell to high amounts.

    3.) Toy Pirates - These are the worst of all 3. These are the people that you see standing outside of Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, K-Mart, etc EVERY DAY to grab any and everything in their line of site. They are very rude people and will take all they can get, which does include taking items out of others baskets, out of peoples hands, etc. These are the people that give everyone else a hard time as they buy all the see and then re-sell the toys at highly inflated prices hoping to cash in and make a large profit margin!

    I personally know many toy pirates (being an ex-target employee I id'ed a lot of them). They sell at local shows and flea markets and I make it a point to pass them by and NOT patronize their way of obtaining figures.

    Thanks for letting me express my point of view, and to all collectors... GOOD LUCK!

    May the force be with us!
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    I am anti-hoarding...

    I feel very strongly about this... I say wait until others have a fair shake at the pegs. Once that has happened... still divvy up your collecting to various stores as not to deplete one of its entire stock. I could just about punch anyone who has made MY life so difficult for having filched all the Jangos in the Cleveland area.
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    Re: I am anti-hoarding...

    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    I feel very strongly about this... I say wait until others have a fair shake at the pegs. Once that has happened... still divvy up your collecting to various stores as not to deplete one of its entire stock. I could just about punch anyone who has made MY life so difficult for having filched all the Jangos in the Cleveland area.
    HERE HERE! that happened to me recently, some very selfish person horded ALL the new figs that were on the pegs while I was standing right there just trying to get one of each. They had at least 20 in their hands. I just don't understand people's selfishness!
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    Angry True Story (or, Why Scalpers Make Me Sick)

    I used to go early to find figs. Not because I wanted to buy them out, but because I rarely find anything during the later hours. I have never bought more than one of any NEW figure.

    So, on one special occasion while a friend and I are waiting in front of Toy's R Us, I noticed an older guy in a "River City Collectibles" shirt (yes, really) arrive at the store about 2 minutes to opening. Said guy proceded to work his way to the front of the line, cutting in front of kids and other collectors.

    I say- "Hey buddy, there's a line and the end is down there."

    He doesn't so much as look at me.

    I say again- "We've all been here for awhile, get to the back dude."

    This time he glances at me and grunts.

    I say- "Moron."

    He says nothing.

    Who says there is no justice? When the manager opens the doors, he tells A-hole Shopowner that he's not getting in until everyone else does. A-hole shopowner then has a mild temper tantrum. I smile as we walk past him.

    My friend and I go to the Star Wars after stopping briefly at the MacFarlane stuff. We waited too long. A-hole shopowner had apparently B-lined to the SW stuff and gotten there first. He was filling a basket with (then) hard to find Snowtroopers and Imperial Guards. He must have had 10 each. I already had one of each.

    I say- "Give me a break, you're not going to buy all of those, are you?"

    He says- "Well you're not gettin any."

    I say- "I dont give a sh-t if we get one, but you wouldn't want any KIDS to get one I guess, huh?

    He says- "They can get one at my store."

    My friend says- "What, for 30 bucks?!?"

    A-hole shopowner says- "They can pay market value if they want one."

    I say- "Market value is $5.99"

    He says nothing, gets up and walks the long way around us. We laugh(It's not like we're going to beat him up over toys).

    Insted, we find the manager and tell about A-hole shopowner.

    We see him got to the checkout where he FLATLY refuses to sell A-hole shopwner anything. Boy was he ****ed.

    So here's what I have done about scalpers-
    A) When I see hard to find figs, I dog ear a few(not all) on the corner of the package. That way guys who buy them for collector value or resale don't want them.

    B) When I build and army, I wait until the figures are old or show up in bargain bins.

    C) Occassionally I've found figs hidden away inside of other toys or in other sections of the store. I take them out and put them prominently on the front of the display.

    So remember kids, be fair to your fellow collector. Instant kharma can suck. And if you're buying them for value, stop, go to Merril Lynch and invest in STOCK and MUTUAL FUNDS. The longterm returns of it will be much greater than any toy will EVER be.

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    Re: True Story (or, Why Scalpers Make Me Sick)

    Originally posted by TheCivilCollector
    And if you're buying them for value, stop, go to Merril Lynch and invest in STOCK and MUTUAL FUNDS. The longterm returns of it will be much greater than any toy will EVER be.
    hehe TRUE ENOUGH - just a tad investment in Microsoft will make you worth way more than your toys (even vintage ones) but I think there are two kinds of people who buy toys so this really won't make a difference...

    1. People who buy one to open and one to keep carded - NOT for it's future value but for trading or hanging on the wall like others do paintings - this also includes those who buy more than one to open to build their armies for fun and game playing and just all out being a kid

    2. People who buy to resale them at higher prices...we all know these people as spineless scalpers but this also includes people who horde every new figure on the peg for god only knows what reason.

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    Thumbs down

    I think army building is ultimately dangerous to the future of this hobby. Here's why: I got into this hobby 25 years ago. I was 5 years old. I was able, with Mom and Dad driving me to the mall once a month, to complete the entire collection of vintage figures produced from 1978-1985. No problems. I found every figure I wanted. This was before I had my own driver's license.

    Flash forward 25 years to 2002. Why is it so difficult now? Cleaning the pegs for army building, scalping, or any other purposes is gonna quickly turn off the future bearers of this hobby's torch - kids. I defy any average fourth grader to complete their POTJ collection without resorting to the secondary market. It is impossible, and awfully unfair.

    So here's the deal - yeah you can build your $6.99 a pop armies, but in the long run, alot of kids who are just as deserving are gonna bail out. The demand goes down, and Hasbro calls it quits. No more Star Wars figures. Think it won't happen? I'm not so sure.

    So army builders, please wait until the figures become more available. Collector frustration is poisonous to the future vitality of any hobby.

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    C. Richards, I like your classification system on the toy buyer. I couldn't have come up with a better system myself!

    Civil Collector, there used to be a real BIG guy (wide as a Volkswagon) who made the collecting circuit with his friends. He would be intentionally slow through the doors so his buddies to run back to the aisle and see what was new!

    Fortunately, I know most of the fellow collectors in my immediate area by sight. In the last two years, though, they've really dropped off, and some have quit collecting SW all together.

    There was one guy who had a booth at the local flea market who used to send his two sons -- grown men! -- out every day to specific stores looking for hot items.

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    Slightly different, but nonetheless irritating...

    There is a woman who buys figures in my area. I have seen her CLEAR ALL THE PEGS by putting the figures into her shopping cart(s). She then goes through every last one to find the ones she wants. If you even look at her cart, she starts yelling at you. You have to wait and wait and wait until she is done just to get at the figures. I've called the manager on her a couple times. He told her that he is quite aware that she is not buying all of the figures in her cart, so she needs to make them available to the rest of the shoppers. Oooh! I swear she looked at me like she was putting a curse on me or something!!!
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    Figure Hogging?

    At my local Wal-Mart it used to be impossible to build any army of any kind because of the employees. One in particular used to buy every new figure as she stocked them (I'm not sure they were even making it to the floor some days), not because she collected them, but because her son owns a comic book shop. With her Wal-Mart discount and his markup, they made quite a bit of money selling SW figures to the local kids at 2X to 3X the price. I found a way to beat her system though. I started going to the store at 11 or 12 at night after the pallets of new product were put out to be stocked. I found the cases of SW figures and with my trusty knife, raided the cases before she could. An employee once stopped me and asked what I was looking for and then helped me find it. He told me where all the figures were going and how much he hated her, because he could never find any collectible he wanted. Eventually she quit and there were figures for everyone. Now they always stock 3 to 4 cases of everything at a time and everyone gets their fill. I guess I'm lucky now, but I had my days of internet ordering and waiting. I am proud to say that I never bought a scalped figure from the infamous Comic Shop.

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    Well, I always only get 1 of a figure when they first come out. I open everything so I only need one FX-7, Amanaman, etc. For army builders though, I only get 1 when they first come out. If I see there is a lot, I might pick up 2. But POTJ didn't have too many army builders so it wasn't really an issue.

    I hate scalpers, especially ones that are ignorant and selfish. I've gotten into some trouble back in the day when Star Wars scalping was at its highest. I used to get quite physical with scalpers at TRUs and Wal-Marts. I'd see them put everything into there cart, and I'd do stuff like grab items out of his cart and smash the cards, key the scalpers cars, etc. I don't condone what I did, but they used to really **** me off.

    Once I saw a guy take a figure right out of some kids hand! Suffice to say I'm banned from that particular Wal-Mart and so is that guy.

    Luckily it isn't so much of a problem anymore around here at least.
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