View Poll Results: When someone finds new figures, do they deserve armies of their favorites?

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  • Yes, they made the effort to be there

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  • No, they MUST be scalpers if they are buying that quantity

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  • No, because I deserve to sleep or get to work, and find the figures later

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    Well, this is me talking personally:

    If you live in San Diego and you shop at my stores and you want them - then get to the store when I do or wait for me to finish. I figure out well in advance how many figures I am going to use for my dioramas.

    That includes 15 Jango Fetts actually, though I plan to divide that amount up between different figures of him and I only bought 5 of the current preview figure.

    If you are at my store at the same time I am, I'll share with you, or however many people want Star Wars figures at that time.

    If there were 10 Clone Troopers, and 2 "of us," I'd offer you half of them. If you only wanted 2 (one to open, one to keep) - fine, I'll buy the other 8 until I have 25 total. Then you won't see me in "your store" until the next new wave of figures comes out.

    Since I share with my own collecting club - I may not be able to keep all 8 of them until all our group has enough (though they may have to find me figures later from the stores they cover). But I am sharing and helping - first myself for sure - and then as many others as I can assure myself is actually possible (for my local area).

    I lost out on Naboo Royal Guards (in a way) - this is the removeable helmet one. I wanted 35 of them total. Roughly 5 of them to protect the Queen in each scene I set up - Starship, Asscension Guns, Capturing Nute Gunray, the Throne Room, and the Hanger Battle. I didn't always want to get out of bed an hour earlier or I didn't try enough stores - don't really remember.

    Anyway I "only" have 21 NRG's (and I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now) but Hasbro could have made over $100 more dollars off me (at approx. 7 per figure) had they distributed better.

    So yeah, I'll buy 14 NRG's on site for an equitable price.

    If you can't make it to the stores at opening, go right before closing. Make connections, hook up with other collectors, or just be patient and hope for the best.

    Army Builders are not out to ruin the hobby for others (that they haven't even met), but they are trying to enjoy it in their own way. And yes, fortunately, they are a blight on Scalpers!!!

    But Army Builders are also not trying to control all the distribution of army building figures. If you have rows of Stormtroopers, 9 troops per row, 10 rows deep, you won't need the 91st CommTech. There are stopping points for Army Builders and we are collectors, so ask us, and I think most of us will share with you "Doubles-Takers", or "Solo-Hunters."

    And I stress what Stillakid said: don't patronize scalpers!

    I could get my 14 Naboo Royal Guards right now for $15 each - but sorry - I'm not paying that. The guy that bought those to scalp might have made me suffer - but I'm not going to help him!

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    Collecting partnerships, like Tycho's, I can understand. A bunch of people, helping one another out. It makes sense when done with responsibility without the intention of cleaning out inventory.

    Ultimately, I think that the problem starts with Hasbro, producing too few of the army builder figures, whatever they may be, and distributing them without any sense of fairness. The molds have already been made, so it shouldn't take a lot of effort to keep churning some out on a regular basis. Or even, offer a direct-sales approach for people who want to order 25, 50, or a 100 or more. No packaging, just a box of loose figures shipped directly to you from the factory.

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    Live and let die, I always say.

    I buy one of each to open and dsiplay. I buy an extra one of select figures to display in the package. I rarely see two of the figures I want at the same time.

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    I think Hasbro's production and distribution policies are an out right Conspiracy...of what I have yet to find out


    And when I do, I'll let everyone know.

    Seriously though as Stillakid mentioned you would think they would have the smarts to distribute "army" type figures a'plenty. They should know by now (1995) that those types of figures most always get purchased, quickly! So I really think they are doing some things (distribution techniques) on purpose for God only knows what reasons!
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    Some of that has been reflected:

    we are getting Stormtrooper 4-packs from the Fan Club very shortly (this year). They ARE NOT new figures really - just piles of them - which is all we wanted. Buy 25 of these, and you have 100 Troopers, if that is your fancy. Keeping them in production and in stock at the Fan Club, is one way to do this.

    The Endor Rebel Soldier (new ones) will also see distribution this year (although I think each variation is sold separately).

    The Imperial Officer and Rebel Fleet Trooper are supposed to re-ship on GREEN POTJ cards before April 23 (don't hold your breath) and be all new head sculpts - maybe the old Alderaanian Seargeant and a blonde-haired Imperial Poster Boy. Both figures I want.

    The "Army Builder" POTJ assortment came out - maybe too late though - with Coruscant Guards, Gungans, Mon Calamarians, Security Droids, and Tuskens (I think - didn't need any of it when it shipped, so I'm not sure what they put in there). Duros and Tesseks, and R2Q5's might've been more useful... but they tried.

    I think that some of these figures could have also been offered in multi-packs, though none moreso than the Bikerscout and the Sandtrooper with variations on the shoulder pauldron.

    I do not include the Calamarian or the Coruscant Guard in that category though -and as a side note, the first suffered in that it was barely a new figure but a repainted Ackbar to most people, and even diorama makers like myself only needed about 4 of them. The second - well, once it became known that Palpatine would order the Guards to wear the more familiar Crimson red - well, Palpatine forgot to tell Hasbro. Furthermore, the Coruscant Guard was not that great of figure and had severely limited poses possible with those long sleeves of his. Had he been slightly taller too...oh well. This is not a figure review column.

    But with Imperial figures especially, what with the Empire's outfits being so cool, everyone might see how setting up platoons of soldiers might have appeal. Thus figures like the Death Star Trooper, as well as the newer movie army builders like the Gungan or Naboo Royal Guard (and Security), should see offerings in multipacks like had been suggested.

    Hasbro is starting to get the picture, but the response is slow, if getting better.

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    I'm getting a headache and eye strain. I'll wait for the next poll to come along.
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    Well I have an amusing little anecdote to go along with this thread now.

    This morning on my way home from class, I stopped by the Wal-Mart on the way just to check. They had gotten in a few more cases of the preview figs. Now this is at least the second time that I know of that the got in the preview figs. They had about 4 or 5 of each figure. They had 4 clonetroopers. I didn't have a clonetrooper yet. So I bought 3. I'm an army builder, so I wanted more than 1 of a troop type. I left one however for the next guy. I would've liked to get the last clonetrooper, but I felt lucky that I found them at all. However, if I go back next time and the figure is still there, I will probably buy it.
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    Army Building

    You all know my feelings about building an army. If ther figures exist, and you are considerate to leave some for others..... go for it.

    What I don't endorse is these pirates raiding the stores when they open to get the newest and greatest of the batch! Sure, the early bird gets the worm, but if the shoe was on the other foot, and these pirates couldn't get what they wanted, would they just go with the flow? NO WAY! Would they *****? Hell yeah!

    Real life example... It's no big secret that I used to work for Target. While I was there, there were several occasions where I was privy to the new cases of STAR WARS figures. However, I had worked out a plan with the store manager. He'd let me open the cases, and pull what I wanted....but I could only take one of each figure I wanted, and I HAD TO PUT THE REST OF THE CASE ON THE SHELVES. If there wasn't any room on the shelves for the toys, then I couldn't get them. It was a very fair agreement and let's face kept everyone happy. I got the figures I wanted, and others were able to get what they wanted to.

    Last example was when I was with Target, the 12" Luke and Wampa was coming out. Being my birthday, my folks had me grab one and put it aside so they could get it and give it to me as my gift. Before the store opened, I got mine and put it under my register. the same time, the Store Manager on duty was going out to address the crowd and had them form a line. He then passed out tickets for the Luke and Wampa sets. We got in like 38 sets, and 3 were taken by employees, I being one of them. The Manager made it very clear that if you had a ticket you MIGHT get one...but supply was limited and when they were gone...they're gone.

    All the toys went in 10 minutes or less! When it came for #36 to get the toy....he was unfortunately out of luck. He literally began bawling like a baby screaming he wanted a Luke and Wampa. Short thereafter, another person yelled out that another Target near-by had a bunch left, and this entire convoy of at least 20 - 30 people raced out of the store, jumped into their cars and raced for the said Target.

    Collecting is supposed to be fun, but when you meet people like I have described over my previous posts, the fun is quickly taken out!

    I hope you all have luck in finding what you want and need to build your sets! Good luck and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!
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    I disagree about the fun being taken out of it. The HUNT is always a gamble. If you go- are you going to get anything?

    In your example with the Wampa 12", the earlier they got there, the more effort they were making. Thus the earlier they got there before the store opened, as obviously there was a line, then the more "deserving" they were.

    Kind of like, if you want it THAT bad - prove it!

    But were the 38 people there in line all COLLECTORS? Possibly, but likely not. And were some of them chasing duplicates? (Double-Takers - one to open, one to keep packaged?)

    I know it was probably the first Official Release Date for the Wampa, but I didn't go. Why? As I became a familiar face at my stores I shopped at, I was friendly to people and managers asked what I did with my toys. So I brought them photos of my dioramas I make, which include loose 12". I have way too many LOOSE figures to be scalping them - so (maybe) consequently, I get my stuff right out of the backrooms as soon as most new items first come in. I got ALL the Episode 2 stuff already, right? (just not the quantity I need for my scenes). Almost all of it came from local stores.

    So again, I could have been one of "the 38," as could OTHER PEOPLE who were already getting multiples. The reason I point this out is because when someone at YOUR TARGET said another store had more of them, not only the 3 people who didn't get one head over there, but 20 of the same bunch did.

    Let's just say they all got one at the next Target for argument's sake. Then 17 of these customers already have 2 Wampa 12"s at approximately 8:45am and it could be over a week or so before ANY OTHER COLLECTOR WHO JUST WANTS THEIR FIRST ONE gets this exclusive.

    Amongst these 17 are "Double-Takers," who like Army Builders, do inconvenience the "Solo-Shoppers," but you know there had to be Scalpers! I saw these Wampas going for at least $75 dollars like the day after its first release.

    But in our last poll on Collecting Etiquette, or Tips moreso in that case, we found that 23% of you would rather be sleeping. OK - you made your choice. People that want 2 or more got them, and the scalpers got theirs.

    Those of you who go to work in the morning (as do I - though my schedule varies) can stop in the morning on the way if you get up about an hour earlier. Some of those people outside the stores in the morning are wearing suits and ties, police uniforms, mechanic coveralls, you name it. Sure, some of them have nothing better to do with their lives - but they can go back to sleep I suppose (after they take YOUR toys). But some do make the effort at greater inconvenience than others.

    Hey - you watch the Just Found Section. You know if you keep going THIS week, you will get something (week of March 25, 2002). Everyone is finding stuff. Sleep in next week if it slows down (Most Wal*Marts are becoming aware they are not supposed to release E2 stuff now - but a lot of us early birds already have them )

    For those of you who actually have to be AT WORK (not going to, but on the job) at 6:45 am, I strongly suggest online purchasing, and making friends in the toy isles to form local collecting networks. Most of my E2 stuff actually did NOT come from the Wal*Marts I cover in the morning for my group. I'm getting all my stuff from 2 or 3 other guys in my network. When my store gets stuff, I'll have to find things for them - that's how it works. Trade AT COST with people who also get YOU stuff. There's 8 people in my group - no one new can join unless they DELIVER - and then we really can deliver for them! We have all the stores in our COUNTY covered! Scalpers complain about US! He-he. True. I've heard it told to my face. But retail managers like people in my group, and the single random collector that happens to be there while one of us is, finds us to be sharing, considerate, and helpful - so long as we don't learn they are a scalper.

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    You had a good point, Tycho. For my friends and myself, the HUNT is still the fun part. Yes, we are overjoyed when we find that hard-to-find figure but the HUNT is still a good time. Within the last month, I spent three hours on a Saturday morning looking for new figures. I didn't find anything; all I did was waste three hours and some gas but I had a good time.

    And yes, I use Sir Steve's and other SW sites as a gauge as to when something new will hit my area. For example, the TIE bomber and snowspeeders reportedly found in San Diego in the last few days, it will be at least two week at the earliest before they are spotted in my area.


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