View Poll Results: When someone finds new figures, do they deserve armies of their favorites?

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  • Yes, they made the effort to be there

    184 42.20%
  • No, they MUST be scalpers if they are buying that quantity

    130 29.82%
  • No, because I deserve to sleep or get to work, and find the figures later

    122 27.98%
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    Variations? Is that what it was about the R2Q5?

    I don't pay much attention to variations unless it's like drilled into my head by my friends I help collect who HAVE to have something.

    I just bought 2 (possibly 3) R2Q5's because I really didn't need anymore.

    I want a ton of Astromechs to fill my dioramas, but all different colored ones. I got like four R4M9's and three R3-T7's. I'd likely buy about 1 to 3 of any others they come out with, though I'm hoping that is like maybe 10 more variations of astrodroids including R5's.

    On the Death Star in ANH, you saw a red, blue, and green R3 unit.
    (clear dome)

    On Hoth there was a white with black head R4, and the Death StarII had an all-black one. (cone head)

    R5D4 would be a popular resculpt, but so would an orange one from Mos Eisley, a black one from the Death Star II, an all red one from Yavin, and an all yellow one from the Queen's starship.

    As for R2 units, a white/green R2-A6 would be nice, as would be a solid yellow one from Naboo.

    So that's 12 astrodroids I want, not hoarding any particular type.

    Give us 2 a year Hasbro, just like R4M9 and R3-T7 (and thanks for those!!!)

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    do people deserve armies of our favorites?, sure
    is it right for 1 person to grab quintuples of 1 figure when someone else that comes 2 minutes later gets none?i dont think so

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    Well, I shared (see my other collector etiquette poll series posts) but I had no problem getting my army builders which included

    15 Geonosians
    4 Royal Guards (I should've bought 8 when I had the chance!)
    Probably 20 Super Battle Droids (it's not like that is a challenge)
    9 Clone Trooper Officers (or pilots, whatever they do)

    I didn't need any Battle Droids with what I have amongst extras leftover from E1 sales - and the blast effects that come with Fett or Zam, etc, all fit on the guns of the old Battle Droids anyway.

    Oh, I only wanted 4 Tusken Females, as I want a mix of them, my POTJ ones, and the new one, a '96 I had bought loose, and an extra from a Bantha I gave to a Nikto Skiff Guard for my Pod Race Arena scene.

    How did you guys do with army building? Who got mad at an army builder?


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