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    The SSG BATTLE OF THE MACHINES Round 1 - Fight 12!!!

    The last time a Dark Lord of the Sith entered an SSG Battle of the Machines contest, he was challenged, but not defeated!

    Darth Vader's TIE Fighter has just barely defeated the Y-wing Fighter in the closest match in the history of the Battle of the Machines!

    Now Darth Maul will turn on his old allies from the Battle of Naboo as he takes on the Trade Federation and fights the Battle Droid on a S.T.A.P. attack craft from aboard his custom Sith Speeder!

    Keep in mind that the focus of this fight will be Hasbro's mastery of a toy vehicle, not a character's command of the Force.

    This should be a pretty fair fight!

    Darth Maul's Sith Speeder features the pack-in Sith Lord with his signature double-bladed lightsaber and a cloth cloak. Additionally, Maul's craft can launch one Darkeye Probe Droid from a hidden compartment on board, which spring-shoots the droid into action at the press of a button! Darth Maul's prey will not escape him!

    The Single Trooper Ariel Platform sits on a clear plastic stand to simulate flight. The stand also activates a remote control that can move the pack-in Battle Droid into action, and fire the crafts twin laser cannons. They simulate fire with two launching projectiles that can easily knock over most action figures - even the ones with lightsabers, if the Force is not with them!

    So which action craft is more exciting to you?

    In our last 'lightweight' match-up in the Preliminaries, Darth Maul's Sith Speeder takes on the Trade Federation's STAP!

    You pick the winner now!
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    Though the Sith Speeder has Darth Maul, it just isn't much of a toy. Sure it can sit on the shelf and float Maul but the STAP has more personality to it although the Battle Droid is just there. Between the toys, the STAP is just better

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    Amen to that, buddy...

    I didn't like Maul. I think he was a mistake like Jar Jar. He had the personality of a cardboard box, and I don't think Lucas was smart to introduce this new huge bad guy without giving us any information at all about him other than he was a Sith and an apprentice to Sidious. Just me, probably. Since the battle droids had more personality than Maul, their STAPs get my vote (They're cooler toys anyways)

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    I have to say with the stand and action features the S.T.A.P. has, it far outweighs what the sith speeder has to offer. The speeder however is going to get those "sympathy" votes form people who like the character of Darth Maul while not really considering the toys. As far as playability goes they are near equal. Design wise again fairly equal but the S.T.A.P. is at least a break from the norm, instead of some sit down on your duff vehicle the pilot must stand. I know it's a droid but I'd like to see Maul do that, at least it would prove his endurance and abilities (which never really were tested). So....

    Make my vote the S.T.A.P. All around a "marginally" better toy. (A slim margin it is.)
    Move along, move along

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    Well, it looks like most people are voting with their "lightsabers" again. Anything with "Imperial" or "Sith" on it seems to automatically get the votes. I'm going the opposite way and saying that the STAP wins hands down. It's a really cool looking attack vehicle that really has no comparison to any other vehicle in the vintage or neoclassic lines. How many people were so excited to see this first toy from the prequel movies for the first time? Compare that with the first time you saw the sith speeder. *yawn*

    I didn't really care that much about the speeder in the movie, but the STAP I wish had more screen time, like maybe blowing up hoards of Gungans in the final battle scene.

    The speeder is OK, and we did get a soft goods cloaked Maul with it, but it doesn't look as good or have the playability that the STAP has.

    Verdict: STAP pulverizes the 1D Maul cycle in two shots.
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    Gonna have to go with the STAP on this one, I just really liked the unique design of the vehicle in the movies. Wish that we would have seen more of it in action. And the toy was great, the stand that worked the action features and moved the pilot up and down was a marvel.

    Maul's Speeder was ho hum, and never really seemed all that cool to me in the movie. The toy was ok, but nowhere near as unique as the STAP. The Maul figure was nice, but I wish they would have given him a cloth lower robe.

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    I'm shocked that the STAP is winning to this point. I have to vote for it as well. The Sith Speeder just isn't interesting plus I don't own it because it is plain. The STAP is very nice and has excellent playability.

    On another note my favorite SW vehicle the Y-wing was eliminated.

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    I too vote for the STAP. Although I do like the speeder, other than the missile out the back, there really isn't much to it. The STAP has more moving parts and comes with cannon fodder (ie Battle Droid).


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    My vote goes to the STAP. The sith speeder has Darth Maul. So what? Its only in the film for like 5 seconds, plus the toy is boring!!
    At least the stap has some playability. Lets see, I am going to re-enact the scene in TPM with the sith speeder.... here comes Maul on it, he flips off of it, there it goes, the end.
    At least the STAP looks cool when you display it on a shelf or in a battle scene. The droid on it actually makes for a good display and makes a cool addition to any diorama. The sith speeder looks like Maul on a tricycle.
    STAP all the way for me!!
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    I loved the STAP! That's the only E1 small vehicle I still display. I just like the way it kinda hovers. Though the Batle Droid seems to have MD or some other muscle crippling disease, he looks cool when he's riding it. Remember when KB had, like, Mt. Everest sized stacks of STAPS? There's no point to that last comment. Just thought I'd add it to take my reply longer and more important.


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