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    FT: Tons of Star Wars CCG cards. Want ANY loose Star Wars figures!

    Hey all. I have mayve two boxes of Star Wars CCG cards. I think all are from the original 2 series. There are tons of duplicates. I am positive there are very many rare cards, since a friend of mine gave them too me. Unfortunatley, I don't know what ones are rare. So instead of deciphering them, I thought I'd offer them here. I beleive I have anywehre from 1,000 to 1,500 of these cards. Im sure there worth quite a bit of money too. I'd be willing to trade them all for ANY Star Wars figure. When I mean Any, I mean any. They can be loose, without accessories, whatever.

    I really like the old classic line, and I'm sure alot of you have tons of duplicates to get rid of. Any playsets/vehicles are cool too. I'd also love to get anything Ewok/Jawa like if you have any. If anyone is interested in helping me get rid of these cards, and get some classic figures, please e-mail me at

    BTW, I won't be checking this board for responses, so PLEASE E-MAIL ME!

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    Trades belong in the proper "Trading" section, so I'm gonna move this to there.
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