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    Maryland Star Wars Finds

    I happened to come across some boxes at mt. airy wal-mart today that said Star Wars Lego do not open till April 23rd but a stock boy was there and wouldn't let me get them. Also fredrick Toysrus had the ATST and Preview figures in.

    Has anyone else out there in the maryland area come across the Teebo Wave or the new Episode 2 legos?

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    Columbia, Ellicot City Search Results

    I went searching tonight. Got the last AT-ST at the TRU in Columbia. I went to the both Wal-Marts on route 40. The Wal-Mart near 29 on 40 had the Lego Jedi Star Fighter. There were some Coruscant Guards.The Wal-Mart near 695 didn't have anything except old POTJ figures. I didn't notice anything else though cause I haven't really been looking for the Legos. Neither of them had any pre-view figures. The TRU on 40 was void of anything except a few Jar Jars. The Target in Columbia near the TRU was void of anything new, as was the one in Ellicot City. However, the shelf space next to the old POTJ figures at both Targets had been cleared. Perhaps they were getting ready to stack Pre-View figures tonight. At least I hope that's what they were getting ready to do.

    If anyone finds preview figures in the Baltimore metro area could you please post it here or email me? Thanks

    -Ronin D.

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    Fredrick Toysrus had a few of the prieview figures left.

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    I'm glad finally find a Maryland thread for Just Found.

    I was in Bowie this weekend. the KB Toyworks had quite a few Rebel troopers, Imperial officers, FX7s, and Zuttons.

    The Walmart just had a few Zuttons and Boss Nas(I think).

    I get the feeling Zutton is going to be a peg warmer of this wave.

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    Its nice to be able to find out if any of the stores in the area have gotten any new stuff without having to go to them all. Normally the one store i don't go to is the one that ends up having them. I really want to find some new Episode II items early. At my local wal-mart in mt. airy they have had the new lego sets in the boxs on the this cart, but it always is guarded by someone. Today i waited for him to turn his back so i could pilliage the episode ii items he was standing next to, but he took them to back room.

    I'll check back again tomarrow and hope it isn't the same person that stopped me today from getting them.

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    Teebo wave found in Frederick

    Hello guys, I found the Teebo wave at the Frederick Walmart the other day. They had a bunch on sale, 2 for $6. Great deal. TRU in Frederick had plenty of the AT-ST's. I haven't found any of the new preview figs yet. I came across the lego EP II Starfighter in Ellicott City, they have plenty left on the shelf.

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    Went to fredrick wal-mart they had alot of each preview figure, but no teboo wave.

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    Preview figs

    Ronin, I found the TRU preview figs at the Glen Burine Mall TRU today. They had two full cases sitting on the floor ready to go onto the pegs.

    Sorry Jedikmg, they must have sold out quickly.

    Anyone found the hasbro Jedi Starfighter yet? I haven't been able to track it down.

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    Wal-mart westminster had the jedi starfighter... only 1 was left and that was a week ago so... i doubt they are still there.

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    Originally posted by Jedikmg
    Wal-mart westminster had the jedi starfighter... only 1 was left and that was a week ago so... i doubt they are still there.
    Nope all the Starfighters were gone when I was there yesterday afternoon.


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