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    Seriously. Thanks for the Droids, Hasbro!

    Just a quick kudos here for giving us three very amazing droids back to back.

    FX-7 -- Hands down the best Star Wars Figure Ever IMOP. Way to Go!!!

    R4-M9 -- Very obscure. Very well done. Interesting figure choice. Unexpected.

    R3-T7 -- Even more out of left field was this guy! An R3? Awesome.

    Now if we could just get R1-G4 and . . . uh . . . that certain pesky red R5 unit some of us keep bugging you about . . . your journey to the droid side would be complete . . .

    But seriously. These figures are EXACTLY what I not only want out of the line --- but what I never in a million years dreamed we'd actually get. Thanks again. Keep 'em coming!!!!!

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    Yes! Hasbro has really stepped up to the plate on the droid issue. Way to go Hasbro. Now get to work on the vintage figures still needing resculpt love. Madine, Imperial Dignitary, Wooof, and Cloud Car Pilot.

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    On a side note, when coming up with how to display the astro droids in the bubble, leave the third leg tucked inside so we don't have to worry about the bent leg issue, sometimes it's just ridiculous on having it out when theres no room for it or the packers can't do it right. R2-Q5 and R4-M9's packing ring a bell?
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    Right on Hasbro! Thanks for the droids, make more!
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    yes, droids are great to have, they look cool when you pose them next to lukes xwing, makes it look like they're working on it. great for diaromas
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    Me... I LOVE the droids as well...!

    Now that we are getting so many Astromechs... how about a few more two-legged droids or even some of the "other" droids as well... Only after you guys do the R5, of course!
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    Yes Hasbro, thank you! Despite my pleas in another post for R5, I appreciate the wonderful droids you've given us in the past year. FX-7 may be flat out the best executed figure in all of the modern line. The slew of astromechs (R2-Q5, R4, R3, and even naboo escape R2) are wonderful additions to the collection. Next, I would request in addition to R5, CZ-3, U-3PO, an R1 and any other sandcrawler droids you'd care to provide. A silver Death Star Droid would be nice as well. Thanks again!
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    Even though i am a bigger fan of aliens, i agree that hasbro has done a great job with the recent droids. Kepp up the good work.
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    Yes, great droids Hasbro! R4 and R3 are really cool! Keep them coming, in all shapes and colors. More astromechs, more protocol droids, more obscure and cool-looking droids! I will buy them all!

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    We just have to keep pressing the issue for an R5

    Especially a new sculpt of R5D4. He is one we definitely need. I am throughly impressed by what I have seen, but saddened he has not made an appearance. I bet he is coming though.


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