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    Lets see... Maul just cleared one Jedi...Vader cleared all but two...(Yoda and OB1).

    Winner: Darth.
    As always...........L

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    Lightbulb what about EP 2 & EP #3?

    I think that it might be fair to wait until we see all the prequels first before we rush to judgement. Its a matter of time before we see Anakin's true skills.
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    Originally posted by Lobito
    Lets see... Maul just cleared one Jedi...Vader cleared all but two...(Yoda and OB1).

    Winner: Darth.
    Darth Vader?Darth Maul?
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    I think Lobito means Vader, GNT. As for me I'd have to say Vader as well. If you compare their fighting styles (in the movies), Maul is much faster and more graceful than Vader, but when it comes down to it GL never had a martial arts expert inside the Vader suit, so if the man behind Vader's mask were a martial artist, then we would have seen some really cool battles. If we take that into consideration, I'd still have to go with Vader. Sure it would be harder to move around than Maul because of his Mask and everything, but Vader is much more skilled. When it comes down to it, Vader wins. Plus Obi-Wan did in Maul and Vader did in Obi-Wan, the man who killed Maul.
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    Thats right!! Vader would just choke the creeper. Dath Vader that is...hehehe
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    By the time of ANH. Vader hadn't actually killed any Jedi for about 15 years or so I'd say.

    He was an extremely rusty swordsman in the OT.

    However, his history has shown that he ran around getting rid of most of the Jedi.

    Maul was an assassin. Killing political enemies of Palpatine (at least as much as the EU stories go by). He didn't dare reveal his sith-self to the rest of the universe until Palpatine began to play his big cards. The very first big assignment, Maul gets killed.

    Now it definitely was a big-time cowardly thing to fight 2 on one vs Maul, but we don't yet know how many Jedi Vader fought at once during his heyday.

    I'd say if Maul had survived, he could have potentially been better than Vader. But Vader's history of wins over Jedi show overwhelmingly that he was the better fighter, or at least more skilled in using force powers.

    Vader's skill hasn't yet been proven on screen yet, but Obi-Wan did say that Vader killed them all in ANH.

    One on one, Maul in his prime (as seen on screen), vs Vader in his prime (not yet seen). Vader would win.

    Vader as he was in the OT vs. a Maul from E1. Maul would win.

    Vader in the OT vs. a Maul aged accordingly. Vader would win.

    2 out of 3. Vader wins over Maul.

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    And the winner of the match....

    ....and STILL champion: Darth Vader!

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    Plus Vader also beats Maul in the one shot Darkhorse comic book.
    "Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun."

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    Oh, I liked that one.

    Even if it was a little hokey (Maul Clone?!?!?!).

    My favorite part was when Maul asked what Vader hated soooo much to make him sooo strong.

    Vader simply says "Myself".

    Very dark, very cool. It actually gives some accurate insight into Vader's "Darkside". What makes him tick.


    Maul: Bad Guy Dies

    Vader: Good Guy Becomes Bad Guy Becomes Good Guy Again Dies Survives In Spirit Form

    Winner: Vader

    Besides, Vader lives long enough to fight and kill more than 1 Jedi. Maul had a hard time killing 1 stupid punk and his droid. hehehehe
    May the force be with you.

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    Maul failed every mission he was given in Ep1. He was killed by a padawan because he was an idiot. And to top it all off, he had awful dental hygiene!

    I pick Vader.
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