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    Question A bearded Mace Windu?

    Sure all great Jedi's must wear a beard, right? So why doesn't Mace? I don't know the answer to this, but I've seen photos of Sam Jackson in his Mace costume sporting a beard. It was in the March issue of Vanity Fair with Aniken and Padme' on the cover. There where some publicity shots of him in his costume as well as some behind the scene shots of him and his hairy chin. So, what's the deal? Why did he shave in the middle of filming? Mace would be a bada** either way.

    I'll try and get a scan of this to show what I'm talking about
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    Yeah, I've seen the pic. I think he'll be wearing that funky beard in E3. At least it'll be cool if he does!

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    Yea, i agree, he should grow a beard for E3. Make Mace even cooler!
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    Perhaps in the SW universe, Mace was born without any possible hair growth - maybe it's his species enviroment that caused it.
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    Any links to the pics anyone? I haven't seen it yet.
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    The pictures were posted here a while ago, but I can't find them on a search yet. He came back in for some publicity pictures to be taken, while he was working on another movie. The beard you saw, was for a movie he started working on, after Episode II finished shooting.

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    Is there any claim to that though that they grow a beard or is that just personal choice?
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    he should regrow his shaft beard, then he'd be like Mace Saft, or John Windu.
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