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    Angry What the heck kinda battle plan was THAT, Jango?!?

    "I'll stand on the battlefield and shoot lasers at Mace Windu, which he'll easily deflect since all of the Jedis are down there deflecting millions of shots already. THEN, I'll stand there, while he chops my head off!"

    What the heck was that about?!? I was starting to be impressed by Jango's coolness, then BAM! He's dead. Just like that. He doesn't die in a super-cool way or ANYTHING even close to it--he just STANDS there and gets his head chopped off. He had a flamethrower, a rocket pack, a rocket he could fly off with... but NO, he just HAS to stand there and get decapitated...!

    What's up with that?!? I'd expect the best bounty hunter in the galaxy to be, well... better...

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    Talking Like father like son I guess!

    Well, I've never liked Fett, or I guess now it is the Fetts. Boba died like a moron, and so did his daddy..err...replica...ahhh.....carbon!

    Anyway, I think the his dad got a little mad that Mace surprised him with the saber to throat. Then he went and got his stuff deflected and his fire rejected! So then he lands on the ground and trys to hang...LOL (hangman, no head). You should remember though that he just got trampled my some huge animal. Maybe he was dazed and his jetpack was bust. Anyway, I'm glad he is dead. He died like a idiot, because he is one!

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    I don't know fellas, decapitation is a pretty serious way to die....
    Especially if your "son" is looking on, imagine you watched your "Father"
    be decapitated when you were 10. Stupid, I think not

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    Those fetts they sure have a nack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I like Jango he played his part and died, you have to give it to him though he stood his ground with Obi pretty damn well.
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    I don't think he was dazed, he was able to take aim at the Reek and hit the mark. I know Reeky is not Mace, but you know what I mean.

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    Why did he fire like fifty rounds at Obi and only three or four at Mace? You wanna know who died a moron death? Coleman Trebor. He's uppity enough to think he can take Dooku by himself, jumps up there, gets shot AT by Jango, then stumbles over the railing and falls to his death. Chump. How did HE make it on the council? Yareal would never have been that careless. Sarr Labooda would never have been that careless.
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    Didn't Colby take a few hits? I thought so, but I see what you are saying . . . it looked to me like he may have taken a shot after stumbling.

    No disputing the chump factor though.

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    It all happened so fast and i didn't notice,but did Jango actually hit him?
    "One day I will become the most powerful Jedi (Sith) ever." Anakin Skywalker, Epi.II

    Yoda is forever my hero now...

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    JF shot him about 3 times. I think that was enough to send him over the edge. Trebor was after Dooku and wasn't fully aware of Jango, IMO. This made Jango a bit over confident in his abilities against Jedi. That's about the time Mace got a-head of him. Thank goodness I didn't open my Jango Final Battle figure!
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    In my opinion, Jango was tough as nails. He held his own against Obi-wan and killed that other Jedi no problem (yes, he did shoot him). I think Mace killing him can be attributed to his excellence than JF's weakness.


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