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    Question Yoda VS. The Emperor

    Who do u think would win in a battle between Yoda and the Emperor??

    Hmmm...i guess the emperor has the upper hand....your thoughts?
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    Well, Lobito....go watch ESB, and see what Yodas awnser was, when confronted by Luke with a similar question.
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    Yoda. I think this will be confirmed if we see him in action in E2.

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    Emperor Palpatine would win since he has electric bolts that can come out of his hand plus the dark side is strong with him!
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    Size matters not. We have yet to see what Yoda can really do. He is not the Master of Jedi Masters. I will go with Yoda.
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    Its a hard choice.I would go with Yoda on this one but I'm not to sure that Yoda would survive the battle,maybe die after like Vader.
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    Well, the Emperor would get all uppity and then Yoda would tell him to go back to his mark. Then Yoda would say 'ACTION!" and Steve Martin and Michael Caine would start their scene and the Emperor would walk up and say his line and Yoda would yell "CUT!" and go over and slap the Emperor around some for not getting his line right and ruining the shot. Then they would do it all over again. I think Yoda definitely had the upper hand in that situation...

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    If the Emperor has bolts of lightning that come out of his hand, imagine what Yoda must have. I mean, he's only been using the Force for what, 800 years LONGER than Palpatine. C'mon people, think! Palpatine at the most trained for 90 years. Do the math. Yoda could probably fart at the Emperor and make him keel over.
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    If you buy into EU, Tim Zahn describes a battle between Yoda and a Dark Jedi that lasted days and devastated a good portion of Dagobah. I'd go with Yoda.
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    Whats the name of that EU book El chuxter?? Is it a book or a comic book??
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