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    Got a question about 12" Speeder bike with scout

    My uncle, for graduation, got me the 12" Speeder Bike with Scout in the box. The thing is, it was flipped upside down. Is this worth something or not? Just curious.
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    Not really. The problem is that the box is only sealed with tape and can easly be opened with care. It maybe worth more to someone, since its a odd ball, but collectors would probably think it's fampered with. On the bright side, you got a bad @ss 12" Speeder and Scout, that's rare in it's self. I was lucky enough to buy one at retail. It's one of the best 12" sets.
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    Good reply turbowars! (aka "what he said" )

    In general, the SW 'oddities' market is fairly slim for high rollers and often worth nothing more than a loose version of the toy since as a packaged toy it's not mint.
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