Someone said I should post this here so here it goes. I have the complete set of 12" Cantina Band. This is what I am looking for:

12" Speeder Bike w/Biker Scout(loose/boxed)
12" Speeder Bike w/Luke(loose/boxed)
POTF AT-AT(loose/boxed)

Non Priority
3/34" figs
Jango Fett x2(carded)
Eeth Koth(carded)
Biker Scout(dirty)(carded)
Lotsa CTC Stormtroopers(loose)
Darth Sidious hologram(carded)
Flashback C-3PO(carded)
CTC R2D2 w/ holo leia(carded)

12" Figs
Battle Droid Commander(loose)
Mace Windu(loose)

Cinema Scenes
Mynock Hunt
Deathstar Escape
Watto's box
Rebel Pilots

AT-ST w/ speeder and ewok(loose or boxed)
Tie Fighter(loose)
Bobba Fett's Slave 1(loose)
Elec Millennium Falcon(loose)
Tatooine Skiff w/Luke(boxed/loose)

Well, that's it. You can either PM me or leave a message here. Thanx.