Bo Shek
25th Anniversary Set Solo / Chewbacca
25th Anniversary Set Vader / Kenobi

EU Cloud Car w/ Pilot
EU Airspeeder w/ Pilot

SPAWN VI ( holding Sword and Malebolgias Head )
SPAWN VII ( Sitting on throne looking at skull )
VIOLATOR III ( holding human heaard )
SPAWN - Wings of Redemtion

Spawn Trade Paper Back #9 - #12



Flashback Vader
Flashback Leia
Potj R2-D2 Naboo Escape
Potj Darth Maul Final Duel
Potj Battle Droid Security ( 2x )


EP1 Darth Maul "Soft Goods" w/ Lightsaber
EP1 Obi Wan "Soft Goods" w/ Lightsaber
Ep1 Naboo Royal Security w/ Blaster and Helmet

Lot of vintage, but they are only good for customizing cause of loose limbs , no accessoires or yellowed plastic. Very few are still in good contition tough. Request list !!

Lot of SPAWN comic books from #40 to #81. and a few sublines like CURSE OF THE SPAWN, BLOODFEUD etc. Request list !!

Lot of WEST END GAMES STAR WARS RPG books and supplements. Request list !!