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    New AOTC and Preview figures dont really fit in the protect star cases.

    I am not sure if someone mentioned this before or not, but if you use the new deeper protect cases (star cases) to store your AOTC and some of the new Preview figures you might run into a little problem.

    What happens is that the lower part of the figures bubble hits the little step up ridge on the upper part of the star cases. This is the ridge that ends at the bottom self standing part of the case.

    so Protect needs to either deepen the star case by 1/4 inch or move that lower ridge down further 1/4 inch. either that or just mash the back lid close and hope for the best.
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    I had read that this could be a problem.

    I am not generally an "on the card" collector like you, but I know a couple people who are. They were worried that the bubbles would not fit in the standard cases. It appears that this is the case. Thank you for confirming this. I suppose we can only hope that the manufacturer realises the need for slightly wider cases and hope that Hasbro doesn't need to make the bubbles any bigger to accomodate wider figures.
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    Yeah, looks like its bad news for carded collectors unless Star had already prepared for this and already has a new wider case in production.
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    I am a carded collector and I also open figures. I buy extras of the ones I really like and open them. The rest of them stay carded.
    Alot of the figures I have like the older ones or the harder to find ones are in these protective cases. Of course upto the preview and AOTC figures they fit in there no problem. But now the new bubble design on these figures does cause a problem.
    I guess if this is brought to Hasbro's attention, it may be fixed. I guess the company that makes the cases could begin to design a new kind of case that would fit both the new figures and everything from POTJ and back. That way no matter what figure you buy it will be compatible with the case.
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    I also noticed this. But it seems that there is a solution.

    If you check out they have some snippets of information about upcoming products. One of the ones listed is "Star Case 2" for deeper Star Wars figures.

    Then is you look under the NEWS section you find this message: MARCH 2002-Coming in April. "Star Case 2," 3/8" deeper for the new larger Episode 2 figures like the Episode 2 R2-D2 or the Episode 1 Destroyer Droid.

    So it looks like there will be new Star Cases to fit the new figures.


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