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    Question Band of Brothers, OZ, The Sopranos

    What do u think of these series?? They are on HBO.
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    I love The Sopranos, Band of Brothers was very good, and I don't really watch OZ.

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    You forgot Six feet under, which IMO is the best of HBO's original programming. But those other shows arn't bad either.
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    All of them are great except for Sex in the City. That show is horrible and I swear for a "comedy" I have never laughed at all the few times I've seen it. You also forgot Six Feet Under which is an awesome show.
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    band of brothers is very well done. i get a kick though that the series featured some of "pop cultures" stars of the past, or at least actors who were in those shows. the series featured actors from beverly hills 90210, party of five and the new kids on the block. but donnie wahlberg did do a good job in his role.

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    Six Feet Under is awesome

    derek, you're right about Donnie Wahlberg. When I first learned he was going to do films, I thought it would be a joke. But I've seen him in a few movies and I think he's alright

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    Just wanted to bump this up, because I just read over at that "Band of Brothers" is coming to DVD on November 5th.

    Our friend Garth Franklin over at Dark Horizons is reporting that HBO's Band of Brothers miniseries will finally arrive on DVD on 11/5. There's been no official word from the studio yet, but the disc will reportedly contain the 80 minute documentary We Stand Alone Together: The Men of Easy Company, an interactive field guide for enhanced viewing, a 30 minute Making of Band of Brothers featurette, actor Ron Livingston's video diaries and footage from the premiere on Normandy.

    Stay tuned...

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    Thumbs up

    I loved the miniseries Band Of Brothers and I still continue to watch The Sopranos faithfully. Like THE Slayer and SithDroid mentioned, you left out the best new series Six Feet Under, that show rocks big time. As for OZ, I liked it at first, but it became a show that continues to basically use the same story over and over all the time. It just got boring in my opinion.

    Here's my rating for these shows out of ten.

    Oz: Six, just not crazy about it.
    Sex And The City: Six plus, wife likes it, so I have no choice, not bad.
    Six Feet Under: Ten plus, one of the most creative shows of our era, just like the HBO advertisement, ground breaking.
    Sopranos: Ten plus, what can I say AWESOME.
    Band Of Brothers: Ten plus, one of the best war series I've ever seen.
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    OZ is my favorie show on TV.
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    Band of Brothers was great, very faithful to Stephen Ambrose's books. No word on the price, JarJar? I also love the Sopranos and Oz is still pretty good.

    I've never watched Six Feet Under, what's it about? Who's in it?
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